Which seasonal dragon should I go for?


Kaiji is probably a bit stronger. It is a very well designed dragon that also happens to have a very unique spell kit. However, Haku is half off. Is it still justified to get Kaiji?


If you are a lower level, I’d really recommend going for the discount dragon for the sole purpose that it’s cheaper and you will get more prizes overall for your sigils. That makes a difference in your overall leveling and dragon progress, even if you never use the dragon or it isn’t your very best.

However some people like new shinies, and you can’t really blame them. Kaiji looks like a really decent sorcerer so it makes the decision just that much more difficult


Haku he’s on discount so saves on sigil and its easier to finish him up or at least to get further down his branch

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I say complete the warrior branch “When” he’s 1/2 off atm then once finish you can get “Kaiji”.

If your short on his branch open some SSC when ever they release it to complete his branch.

It’s up to you tho.


I think Haku is going to be boring dragon like Leos. Kaiji is better choice.

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“If” your getting “A” Mythic get Haku then get Kaiji next if not then I say 100% go for Kaiji he’s a solid sorcerer if anyone needs one.


For higher league, I think Base Boost is prefered, depends on the boost…
Also, Saito gives a good amount of gold chests, which means more sigils.
(Just noting that it’s not always 100% on Kaiji, though I agree that Haku is more like a stepping stone.)

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Keep dragon elements and past seasons in mind also in relation to your level/potential moving forward as well. You don’t want to be building gear of the same element for 2-3 dragons unless you really only have one or 2 shard types available to you in atlas (this doesn’t apply to anyone who isn’t in atlas, and more so for teams with castles under control)

Haku is a great replacement for Cav, and you can move all the gear you had there onto Haku - but if you have Hildr, the chances that you’re going to move gear from Hildr to Haku are slim. Advice there from me would be to grab as much of the discount for the prizes as you can before moving on to finish other branches and coming back to it later for a mythic push.

Gunnar is just as viable as kaiji for anyone not looking at empyrean any time soon and shares kaiji’s Ice elemental type. UVS further kills the appetite for another ice dragon.

Personally, that’s how I decide on branches. Riders are usually a good option for the season as well, picking up defensive riders if you absolutely need them. Stacking defense riders shouldn’t be a priority as you shouldn’t be working on more than one perch if you can help it at all or have the extra wallet power/grind time to make it more feasible.

Personal path if you’re interested at this point:

Discount until week 3 > token bonus 125% > Saito > Base boost > finish Haku for Mythic [Zenko] and dump the rest into the festive because nobody needs all these warriors :roll_eyes: unless it’s a lot better than Jarl and also shares dark element (which I doubt,) it’s just not worth the potential that always seems to lean toward hunters. For me anyways :sweat_smile::man_shrugging:

This is all based on these reasonings:

Ice shards are all going into gear for UVS (which all came off of Gunnar who is now benched)
Wind shards will be needed for Zenko (currently on Aibrean because I couldn’t get UVS and S&H :weary:)
Dark shards are going to Zotz (who based on his stone cap is next up to be replaced)
Fire shards are going to Prospero
Earth shards are going to Hildr

Until I’m getting close to tier-capped by these dragons, or have maxed (or close to maxing) all my legendary gear, you have to give me a pretty dope spell kit on a dragon of the same element to replace them so it makes your decisions a lot easier when you think about element type and how you’re spending your crafting mats. You have to think about your defensive gear as well.

Token bonus is always necessary. Don’t skip the token bonus. PvP resources alone make it hard to pass up, but the utility it gives you to progress 2.25x faster should be a no-brainer.

I have Bjorn and Tanok as defense riders, so it’s hard to justify going for a replacement of a perch rider with the other options that are available. Base boost as an option instead just helps in PvP that much more for your overall team placements which in turn should help your personal progress. Even if it’s 5% :ok_hand:

Also, Ronin looks nice & shiny and people are always drawn to AOE one-shots. But, I highly advise all of you to get to know Zenko and his amazing skillset before making a choice for mythic. Not saying Zenko is better or Ronin is worse, but I do think Zenko would be easier for a lot of people who play this game whereas Ronin might only edge out Zenko if you have the coordination & skills to back it up. Which most people just don’t :man_shrugging:


If you’re asking for 1… i’d say you should prioritize prizes > dragons


I agree on the last part you said…

Ronin & Zenko are honestly equality the same base on skill requirement lv & you must look at the base layout before flying to insure you know what building to take out to benefit you while you fly as well as to insure your “survivability”

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Just the last part? :joy::wink:

Hunters by default are more player-skill intensive than sorcs.

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Sorry I skimmed through it :sweat_smile::joy:
Yes, the hunter class is the most skilled requirement class in the game.

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Yes, its fast enough because the freezing effect is applied the instant that “we select” the towers to attack, there is no need for the fireballs to hit, just hook the towers (Moreover, as Snowblind, Breath of the Drowned increases the speed of Kaiji fireballs )


What’s that supposed to mean? And it’s not helping


It means if you can only claim 1 line or part of 1 line you should focus getting the most prizes not dragons.
Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not helpful…


Well thx but please consider actually explaining what your first reply meant other than saying don’t f around because that was confusing


playful sarcasm


:thinking: Kinda disagree with this…
IMO, all answers have been available in the first 8 posts. That is if OP really want an answer…


So what? I can’t be spending all my time on this game so you can’t just say, why are you taking weeks to reply or bring up something. And this didn’t really needed your comment. Because I have lot things to do. So that’s why


So you think you’re better than the rest of us?