Which Sorcerer should I go for?

Hey everyone,

I’m currently getting into green tier dragons and I need a better Sorcerer as I think I’m good on warriors and hunters for now. In green there are only two options for legendary Sorcerers, Munin and Nix. I know that either of these aren’t so great but I would be better off using one of those over an epic orange Sorcerer right?

Or I could go for Durga because I haven’t bred him yet but I know green legendaries max out around 400k atk power and Durga maxes out around 220k so I’m not sure if Durga would be better either.

Any advice? Thanks!

Durga is useless. Which green sorc depends on your breeding guide, but I very much enjoyed munin. Most importantly, follow a breeding guide.

Get Slynx. He is good.

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I only got munin to breed, and I didn’t find him that useful to fly in battles other than xp runs. Needed a shield instead of elemental mayhem IMO.
But munin was more useful than nix.
But it is better to follow a breeding guide to progress faster.

Munin has elemental mayhem, which is world different from elemental barrier.

Just a heads-up, the first lineage sorcerer which people talk about is Kelvin in Platinum tier, and that is best for xp bases. Some people like Apophet in Sapphire tier, and Aquilas and Austeros for Garnet, but pretty much lineage sorcerers until then are lackluster at best.

You will honestly do better in the long run just following a breeding guide first, and if you are going to fly any lineage dragons, focus on hunters. Ettin in green tier is a decent but somewhat generic hunter, with cloak and healing mark. Whalegnawer in gold tier is by far the best lineage dragon in the tier. Steal essense is definitely a jewel of a spell, and proper tactical cloaking can make this dragon hard to kill.

In contrast, the legendary gold sorcerers, Sekoronos and Chteotothis are stuck with such spells as summon warrior, which at three rage is way too costly for what it does, and elemental mayhem, which pretty much is only good for making storm towers look funny.

So, there are my two cents. I hope you find something that will work for you.

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Yeah, I was thinking mayhem but wrote barrier. Fixed.

Personally I like Nix more than Munin purely because of its Invincibility shield and offensive spells. I would have preferred the fireball be replaced with freeze, but each dragon to its own.
For xp bases though, freeze is much better just because of its 2 rage and the fact that it stops all projectiles in mid air the instant it’s hit.

I preferred Munin because of freeze, Nix’s fireball is too expensive but shield is good of course. There is a big lull in sorcerers through this portion of the lineage dragons (and the next).

Neither are great in battles unless they’re lacking in mage towers, but for XP bases Munin rocks it since he pretty much regenerates enough rage to freeze literally everything along the way. With Nix I also had a lot of bad experiences with the fireball not doing any damage. If freeze glitches and does no damage, at least they are frozen lol

In any case keep following your guide. Ettin was far and way my favorite Green, then Hugin, then Danzig til vamp touch lost value (to me at least). But follow the breeding guide!

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Why do you feel you need to have a sorcerer? I have Munin for breeding purposes, but he’s completely useless compared to his fellow green legendaries Ettin and Hugin. If you feel you must have a sorcerer for flying I’d say grab Equestor instead of breeding one.


Well I do have Spindra but that’s the only good Sorcerer I have. I just thought I needed more sorcerers to be more evened out as I have a good amount of hunter and warriors but I’m still figuring the game out. You don’t think sorcerers are worth it?

Lineage sorcerors just aren’t in a great spot, until Kelvin in Platinum being useful for backing on XP bases and some actual runs. Iteru in Sapphire and Renard in Garnet could potentially help with harder cleanup. There’s Aquileas and Austeros in Garnet for a follow. Chompa and Apophet both have fans too. (not running through all sorcs, just a small sample)

Before that, I’d just stick to the breeding path and pick up a divine sorcerer, if you happen to like it over the others to fill in the gap.


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