Which spring dragon is the best

Hey you guys level 125 or higher! Which spring dragon is the best? I haven’t chosen one yet been trying to hold off to see which was the best! Please help! What do you like about the dragon as well?!

Chunk :grin::+1:


Wait till they’re all released next week

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I agree Chunk is amazing!!!

So keep holding off? Half the dragons haven’t been released yet, bit hard to get reliable info.

Corthanak spell set are suck. Fomhar and Samhard are just average dragons. Aibrean and Nollaig have good spell set. Chunk is best dragon for this season.

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  1. Corthanak doesn’t suck…right now he is really strong vs level 60 towers (once 65s are here he’s dead) and the spells are strong just the issue is he can’t heal. A minimal amount of dmg can kill him because Corth lost health that cannot be earn back from sacrifice.
  2. Fomhar and Samhrad haven’t even been released yet. Let alone exact % and descriptions are currently unknown.
  3. Nollaig does not have a good spell set…in my opinion at least

I agree that Aibrean is good not amazing or OP and that Chunk is the best LOL.

In reply to the OP, in all seriousness (sorry chunk), there is no “best dragon,” that can be determined. It depends on what you need, want to fly and learn. Not everyone will have the same opinion so you should make your own decision. Since not all of the dragons are released, I’d wait.


Considering we haven’t seen the specs of the new dragons yet, this is a pretty difficult question to answer…

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Thanks guys for all your info. I’m gonna continue to wait. Just thought I get what opinions on what was out!

If you missed or skipped the discount periods, there’s no point in choosing until everything is revealed, reviewed and run dry basically.

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I agree. You’ve waited this long as have I. We need to see the spells and costs to decide. I tend to like sorcerers. But having waited this long I am somewhat disappointed that there will supposedly be no further discounts. That was teased at early in the season. SO, with no discounts I may just sit on those sigils till the end of the season. No hurry to decide other than impatience. Lol

Have the spell sets for the last 2 dragons been released?
I didn’t watch stream but I haven’t seen anytbing posted?

What’s the spells on the Hunter?

From stream

I thought Ai is good, but this one seems better…
Wait… Temporarily. Is it dispelled after next hit, or in a period?

Temporary. It’s basically freeze with sand/vine effect of bringing the tower back into play if u damage it. Like I said, it’s a little bit of this a little bit of that. Entirely average imo.

I mean at least with freeze you can keep hitting the tower while it’s frozen… Smh

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I’ll share my selection process: Eeny meeny miney mo, pick a HUNTER! Hunter, choose the hunters.


I chose Kinnarus for summer 2017. Don’t regret that. She’s nice for xp runs and autopiloting team gauntlet. I DO reget getting Sage. That poor dragon got screwed up in so many ways :woman_facepalming: Every other divine that I’ve chosen has been a hunter…

Oh, except for Skarr in the first season ever. I chose him over nightshade because of the elemental embers in his line. Do I regret only getting nightshade to green tier? A bit, but the elemental embers I got by maxing out Skarr’s line have proven to be a wise investment.


Poor shade haha he was awesome, I still use him to clean sometimes :joy:.

I was so sad when I had to bench him :cry: truly an awesome dragon.