Which spring dragon is the best


Yeah that seems very silly!

Basically a sand/vine + Freeze mix but they have really hurt the spell!

With Sand at least it doesn’t expire & they stay trapped for the next attacker! This really helps especially with
Mages but now gone!
And wirh freeze you can keep hitting! Wth? Not understand the thought process behind this spell!

So the mix is taking some of the most important things from each spell & then creating a new spell! You cannot hit and it expires! Lol wtf?

You’ve taken away from Entrap need to do something!
Maybe add damage so it’s stronger then Sand! That way it could be kind of an attack spell too and disables more then 1-2 towers because it expires too!
I guess that’s just basically freeze but unlocks after its hit lol

Vanish should have a blast come from the dragon right as it disappears and damages all surrounding towers!

Was hoping for a good but different kind of Hunter! Something to be used in wars but also fun to fly :pensive:


It’s basically there for you to solo with this dragon. It could be a decent lead so let’s see how it flies when it comes out. But I’m not hopeful


I’m not claim Dragons until now… i’m just wait realease a new dragons at next weeks (Fomhar and Samhrad) if they’re not good spell, i just claim until Garnet stone, and continue claiming Oksana Branch :sweat_smile: :smile:


So which of the 3.not alibrian options is best and how does that drag compare to a drag a lvl 40 that started in the days of chim would be familiar with


thats rather dragonist of you…
the sorcerer is very attractive, with a cool avatar. sexy groota.


Don’t be fooled, that’s all plastic surgery. It’ll be looking like a haggard old relic quick, fast, and in a hurry.


What do tou think aboit the second wave of Divine drag ?


There is nothing wrong with a little nip/tuck action. Sometimes gravity & genetics is meaner to dragons more so than others.
All dragon will become rune dust eventually. Why not enjoy the here and now :woman_shrugging:t2:


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Trying to figure out if getting Oksana finished with the new fomhar dark hunter is the best bet, or go for corthanak. Decisions are hard :frowning:


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