Which type of dragon are you? PG you play we want to know your results


Take the test share your results


My results are that I am a sea serpent


I am a hydra :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m waiting to see who gonna be a fairy dragon


Did it fit your personality?


Kinda ya. I’m defiantly more of an introvert and I would consider myself a thinker (my gf may disagree :joy:). Did it match yours?

edit- garbage grammer


Lol yeah it pretty much aimed me up in a nut shell


Women what do they know about your person






hmm i sorted all 5 options from each Q from most likely to choose to never to choose.

so excluding series of options i’d never choose, my most likely to choose were blue, dark castle, air+fire, arrow, blue fire, meat, power

then violet, cave, air+water, brain, purple fire, fruit, freedom

then red, light castle, water+earth, sword, orange fire, dessert, family

then green, asian castle, fire+metal, shield, burner fire, grain, friends

so those gave me 120, 150, 220, then 130.

three hydras and one drake.

im guessing no matter what i do, i’ll remain a hydra.


HAIL HYDRA! :tropical_drink:


With 90 points it’s me: a Fairy Dragon.


Drake :upside_down_face:




Hydra :slight_smile:


Fairy Dragon!


Fairy Dragon <3




I’m a chaotic, helpful, playful, cute, rare magical healer!

Maybe two are correct and even then, only at a stretch :cry:


I also ended up with fairy dragon but not entire sure the description fits me…
@Obliterkate I know exactly what you mean :rofl: