Which type of dragon are you? PG you play we want to know your results


I did it for a second time, and got 80 points: fairy dragon again.

Magical :white_check_mark: - I believe so
Healer :white_check_mark: - so is my Mum (runs in the family).
Helpful :heavy_check_mark:
Cute :white_check_mark: - I can be
Playful :white_check_mark: never gonna grow up
Rare :heavy_check_mark: - lucky for the world
Chaotic :heavy_check_mark: have you checked my room in the tower?!


Super inaccurate for me; Drake
I should’ve been the first one.


Is Hydra a dragon?


140 here

Actually the descriptions are too positive … list the shortcomings and I’ll be able to judge more better. :tipping_hand_woman:‍♀


When someone from PG going to play ???






I’m a hydra


Just a hydra, but it pretty much fits (I just ain’t legendary)


Hydra here


Hydra… pretty close actually.


Hydra :face_with_raised_eyebrow: kinda hoping to be a Fairy :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I am a Drake


I was expecting to get fairy but I got drake. :smile:


Dang I’m the only sea serpent so far​:dragon::dragon::dragon::dragon::dragon::dragon:




I also got the Hydra, but I don’t think “introvert” fits my personality description. :slight_smile:


Yeah we got one to play bring the rest I’m still the only sea serpent :angry:


Love to eat meat with your family and you’ll get 80 points :nerd_face:


Sea Serpent :man_shrugging: