Which way are people leaning? mythic sorcerer or mythic rider? [link for both trees included] /Thoughts and Opionions?

the mythic sorcerer looks really sick and the white spells seem good too.
link for the first three dragons on first tree and spells
then thiers the mythic rider i haven’t looked to close at yet. but not sure about he spells for the new hunter.
the second half of the dragons released and the second tree here

lmk what you guys think. im saving sigils for now till i get a better idea of which way to go. as of right now at the part in Aibreans tree where the mythic rune is, i stopped thier to gather sigils for next hunter now not sure which way to go.


According to @TheRedDelilah’s stream DONT GO FOR THE RIDER


There is a thread about corthanak needs a buff. Maybe glance through that before deciding on the mythic sorcerer. Some like him but others have pointed out major downfall.

I like Cort a lot, but he just needs to be able to heal… I will not be going for the rider myself. Already got Cort, happy with him lol.

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Truly speaking, unless you plan to spend a good amount… get both hunters to 2 tiers above where you’re at and be happy with your decision

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The veteran rider’s strength is his gear, and his gear is fire element-themed, and the only particularly strong fire-element dragon right now is Corthanak, ergo you should only get the rider if you are also getting Corthanak. He is a stretch goal for whales who can complete 6 lines, and he’s honestly pretty well-designed for that purpose (i.e., decent, but not too strong).


Atomic have you gone super spender suddenly?

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I’d rather avoid feedback that reminds me of the recent breeding guide thread where we quote other people’s opinion rather than stating some sort of facts that people can compare for themselves.

@At0mic93 If you don’t have a fire element dragon for the rider with the gear to go on already, I would get Corthanak.

It’s just that the only strenght of the rider is the +25% gear.
But seeing as PG said they will be buffing atlas gear but will not buff the seasonal gear, its not worth it.
Epic atlas gear will go up to +40%. Legendary up to +80%.
Imo then theres no point in throwing cash at +25% gear.


hey do you have the link for that? id like to see it if possible thanks. so you guys are leaning on hunters then? sweet thanks a bunch guys.

That’s all fine and dandy, but Red knows her shit.

If you wanna compare for yourself, take a gander at this thread where they all but announced “you’re wasting money on the veteran rider”.


This seem like a season to just get the 2 hunters then dont give PG anymore money.


whooosh Thanks for missing my point and reminding me of what I already know. Still doesn’t make it anymore useful or helpful to anyone to say “So and so knows what their doing just follow them.Evil Breeding Guide memories

At-least you posted a link to something that informs people why that idea is right or wrong. But, you didn’t even link to the part where someone points out why it’s a bad investment, 200 posts I don’t care to read. And I already know about the Epic and Legendary buffs.

The information you needed to know was in the OP, which is why I linked that. If it was in the comments I woulda linked that comment.

If you still didn’t catch it, prior and current seasonal armor will NOT be receiving a buff so getting this season’s rider armor is a big waste of sigils bc next season they’re going to be insanely buffed.

I’m glad you’re not to one extreme and believe everything someone says just bc they said it was so, but there’s the other extreme to :man_shrugging:t3:

lol…already said I know about the gear buff… But, that doesn’t even address the situation of getting the mythic rider first page only versus buying out Corthanak. If they haven’t even finished Aibrean, there is the idea of buying out the first page of the mythic rider because they want to get the other hunter and sorcerer…

I don’t really see why anyone would push for a rider that requires two full branches and is only substantially different if you have the armour and then not get the armour. At that point you may as well get Oksana and then just pick whichever dragons you prefer.

It’s a lot less restrictive with the dragons you get and the difference is minor.

That and if next seasons stuff is going to be much stronger then there really isn’t much point


…the thread was about getting the rider or the sorcerer, I was just thinking outside the box. Since, the person who started the thread hasn’t even come back, it’s a pointless discussion nonetheless.

If they unlocked both the hunter and sorcerer, they could choose between the mythic rider or Oksana…basically my previous point.

They could yes. But that’s a very niche audience your going for there. Unless they are going for the rider I doubt many people have maxed the hunter and the sorcerer. But if they have then yes they can.

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