Which Winterjól Legendary dragon take?

  • Gunnar
  • Hildr
  • Jarl
  • Skohl & Hati

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Help me please :slight_smile:

which is the best for u?


I got Gunnar because he was discounted.
This isn’t possible anymore for you, but he is still the best of the lot i believe


Agree with @mechengg . I don’t have Gunnar myself, but my wife does. I was waiting for all to be released. Wish now that I had gotten him while he was discounted. He has a solid set of classic hunter skills, with a bit extra thrown in. In my opinion, he seems to be the best Legendary this season.

Gunnar is like a love-child between Nolliag and Airbrean. :joy::+1:


I’d rather have Skoll &Hati due to design :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Not sure I can fly them a lot…


Want a second poll for if you got Gunnar line complete which 2nd to go for…


I got Gunnar while on discount and he is fantastic but I’ll also be getting Skoll and Hati just because they’re beautiful and I must has. :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:


After Gunnar they all aren’t great. They aren’t bad per say but just… there isn’t really a need for any of them.

After Gunnar I’d say get a rider if you haven’t already. If you have or just want dragons then I’d say the rest are tied for usefulness. Just get what looks fun to you


Gunnar has a pretty good spell set and was a really hot deal when discounted.

Even without the discount I think Gunnar is the best legendary dragon of the season.


Yeah, Gunnar is a pretty solid hunter. Best one I’ve had in a while.


Yea I have enough riders, yet that still looks like the best use of sigils compared to everything else (other than surt but I’ll have nowhere near enough for that)


Gunnar is goooooooood better than prospero, even though I don’t have all his stones I’ll probably finish him after I see what festive brings. Riders are always good to have even if you just hire them for missions.


Surt :grimacing:


Poor Jarl :joy:


Gunnar is the only one worth anything, the rest just got worse and worse as they were revealed (talking about legendaries, not soon to be nerfed mythics). Not sure why PG feels sorcerers and warriors need long cooldown times on their spells but it makes them pretty much useless.

Skoll and Hati are just a travesty. The GPF apparently told them this dragon was trash and they didnt bother listening. Then it got leaked and the rest of the players told them it was trash and they again didnt bother listening so these two amazing looking dragons never had a chance. PG for some reason was determined to make a shiny turd and waste the release of another twin dragon set that people have been asking for for a long time.
I’ll probably get their red egg and rename them the Olsen Twins. Pretty to look at but a total train wreck


I think Hilder is underestimated, but Gunnar is a clear winner among that lot.


Gunner is the best
Hildr is probably the second best
I’d say Skoll and Hati are better than Jarl because of their class and spells (so far at least)
Jarl is definitely the worst

But if you already have Gunner or Hildr, you should probably go for the offensive rider. If you want to, you could get Skoll and Hati just because they look sick.


Winterjol Season - Only better than SummerFlare because of Gunnar!
Seriously all the dragons kind of suck. Even Gunnar isn’t THAT great compared to other divine hunters that have come out in the last 9 months, much less year.

So just go for Gunnar and save your rubies/chests for SpringWhatever Season and thank us later.


Is it hildr > skoll and hati? What are your thoughts?


Ok, what about seasonal riders? Are these riders worth anything? I’ve honestly never gotten one


I’d say Astrid is pretty good and Bjorn is great if ypu don’t already have a defensive rider