Which Winterjól Legendary dragon take?



Is the best out of all the WinterJól legendaries released so far.

Decent dragon, nothing over the top but it looks sick.

I don’t personally have Hildr but I hear great things about her. From what I hear from teammates Hildr is second best.

Skoll & Hati
There was a ton of controversy over a leak from GPF on this Festive to come. Looks great. Has a few spells that seem very cool but who knows how well the dragon is until we fly it.

  • Solar spell makes it so you don’t spend ammo when tapping allowing you to rapid fire at the cost of some of your damage.
  • Moon spell(I forget the names) blocks all elemental damage to dragon and heals dragon based on elemental damage taken.
    Seems very cool and fun to me. I’m definitely getting this dragon no doubt.

Note: the GPF said it made him throw up it was so bad of a dragon. And many on here said it was garbage. Later PG said it was in the process of being fixed and the version that was leaked was not the final fixed version. I should mention many on here said Gunnar was garbage after seeing spell preview and curesed the season. After release of Gunnar everyone’s onpinion changed of Gunnar and I’m very happy I didn’t listen and got Gunnar during discount.
I think the same could be true for S&H so imo, you should wait and see what others say after flying Skoll/Hati and watching flight videos.
I will definitely be getting the dragon since it looks absolutely beautiful and stunning :heart_eyes: I’m a sucker for wolves and yin/yang type of dragons, the dark and light balance and duality.


So a lot of people are very biased about hunters vs everything else. I want to hear from people who actually HAVE Hildr how she is please. I’m tired of “she sucks because she’s a sorcerer” because I have Equestor & he’s amazing. Kinnarus was great too until I ran out of stones


Whoever said Gunnar would be garbage? Lots of people were glad to have classic cloak and an incr dmg + freeze spell shouldn’t sound bad to ANYONE. People maybe thought he wouldn’t be op, but certainly not garbage.


If you think Kinnarus and Equestor are great it’s possible you’re either very low level or just haven’t flown any good dragons yet.


I have Prospero as well & I don’t have to be low level to like sorcerers. Sure, hunters may win in the end but I have friends in the 200’s who still love sorcerers.


Go for the other hunter that’s coming out. His glyph will probably give 8% to hunter att. Put it on Pathox itzani or if you do t have or nowhere near put on Gunnar for extra att boost. Or see if the festive hunter is better use Gunnar’s glyph on him.



Love Fomhar he’s amazing.
Ayx solid hunter. Him and Aibrean both about the same.
Didn’t get the rainbow dragon, wouldn’t have cared how good it was! Couldnt fly the thing wirh how it looks :joy:
Necryx great lead dragon extremely high ceiling but also depends on Layout/towers & defenders.
He’s allergic to ice flaks lol

Neptus & Pathox mythic s so shouldn’t be able to compare.
Gunnar is a great overall dragon to lead
Or finish wirh and I think can be just as good as any of the legendary dragons mentioned above.


Hunter attack and What’s the other part of the rune?


Not a bad idea, if their runes really grant hunter attack thats a decent Investment


All the dragons you stated were from seasons that weren’t Summerflare. You also didn’t disagree with anything @BRYconic said.


You’re not disagreeing. There have been tons of hunters better than offered this season.

Gunnar is good but the hunters offered in spring and fall were better. The only good thing to come out of summer flare was Axi. The rest kind of sucked.

So we’re not in disagreement we actually agree unless you’re saying Gunnar is better than Fomhar and Prospero and Axi.


I’d say Gunnar is significantly stronger than Fomhar and Axi at least, and those were stronger than Avyx and Aibrean. Prospero is a bit harder to compare, different strengths but might well be a match.


I can’t disagree with this enough. Outside of mythics Gunnar is one of the strongest hunters we have seen. He is probably THE strongest non mythic hunter.

Prospero kinda matches him maybe. Maybe in the right circumstances. Necryx for his leading capacity again in the right circumstances matches him. But none of them are flat out better


How am I not disagreeing with you lol ?
Your saying he’s good but not all that great and not better then hunters that came out the last 9 months to a year.
I think he’s a great hunter. Pros hard to compare with Gunnar way to different but still think definitely better than Axi & Pros and most of those others.

The only one on the list that challenges him is Fomhar. Gunnar is stronger then Fom.
But His entrap disables multiple towers and very fast and his cloak cost no rage.
With a very fast entrap & no rage cost cloak he’s perfect at dodging just about anything.
With the increased attack, ability to dodge and heal he’s a great hunter.
Gunnar skill set is obviously different but still he’s also a great hunter.
I just got him den capped not long ago, couple weeks haven’t flown Gunnar enough to really say for me if he could be better then Fomhar.
I don’t know if he could be but that’s a knock on Gunnar, Fomhar just is an amazing dragon.

Either way I easily take him over any of the other divine hunters that came out in the last year.


Reread it :+1:


It’s your fault for mentioning Axi as a mere rainbow dragon :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


if you’re only going to get a single legendary divine, then gunnar.

if you’re going for either of the mythic divines, then things change. :x


Ohh plenty said he was garbage a waist of Sigils. Probably can’t find those posts, likely was deleted or edited after release.

I’ve always reserved my judgement after release.
S&H could be a decent Hunter and with the stunning design I’m on board. All in all we have to see what is what after we fly the finalized version.

Gunnar hands down is great, I almost didn’t get him due to many on here bashing the skill set. They stated Gunnar was a copy paist of previous dragons that could be outdated soon. Glad I didn’t listen. I waited for release and watched flight videos and hurried to take advantage of discount period. Got Gunnar to Platinum Stone during half off and since then got him to Sapphire Stone.
I’m sure many have gotten him far past obsidian but I’m not a 200+ and I’m E2P so it’s much harder for me to get that many sigils. I average 1600-2000 Sigils per event do every bit counts and I make sure every little bit goes to good use.
I’ve got Björn maxed (first page)+ a few unlocks up to gear, Gunnar sapphire, Jarl to Gold and that’s as far as I’m taking Jarl, Egg boost finished. Jarl looks good and is an amazing dragon but is nothing special so I’m saving my Sigils for S&H and after getting them to Green I’ll evaluate the dragon and see if I should keep going on S&H or put more into Gunnar for prizes.




great way to waste sigils…

always stop at 1st page. never more; when you can max out a rider without having to go for 2nd page. -or unless they’re part of the two branches to be maxed out for a mythic u r aiming for.