Which Winterjól Legendary dragon take?


and never ever even start a branch if you’re gonna stop at gold… talking about ur decision on jarl… :x:

though i think getting everything is better, finish ur gunnar at least upto emeralds first before u look into other branches as there are a few lineage hunters in obs and up u can use that are decent~great. (noctua, lokan, itzani, etc)


I did stop at first page but I got a much needed embers😎
Honestly I’m glad I got Jarl he us fun just not something I wanna spend 9k Sigils on I stopped at 2800.
BTW I’m only level 88 on this account so I felt sapphire should last me quite some time. It should take me a year or two to get past sapphire. By that time I should have 4-8 more seasons to choose from. With 3-4 dragons per season.
Emerald would be nice but instead of going much further on him I decided to get the resources I needed for several events to come and embers for my flaks.


eh, embers… :x:

forgot about that most people would need them as they usually dont buy as much rubies… :frowning:

my bad.


If you’re active enough, it takes 3 seasons (9 months) to go from scratch to mid garnet :man_shrugging:


Im a huge Sorcerer lover too and Kinnarus was my all time favourite. But I have to admit they get useless in serious combat when you get around Garnet level… wish it wasn’t so but it is. Mythic le aside of course…


I can’t assess all the dragons fairly, but, unfortunately or fortunately, I’d still say that the hunters stand head and shoulders above the competition, especially at higher levels. Even if their spells are shit…most of the time, the burst damage will still put them ahead.

That said, Gunnar has a solid spell set and is a good dragon to choose on a base that’s not too far out of his damage ceiling. I’m unsure about Skoll and Hati, but Gunnar > Hildr > Jarl, imo.


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