Which would be better, [oksana rider 1st page(6.2k sigils)] vs. [save the 15.5k rubies to go towards 3rd primarch slot]?

was wondering which I should spend my rubies on. already finished up both the hunters for this season thru the harbinger stones for each. have 15.5k rubies left and did the math for oksana, her first page is only 6200 sigils. 3rd primarch slot is roughly 28k but im planning to get it either after after the next fort event or the one after that so that my bank will hold more gold by then and therefore reduce the amount of rubies needed to open up the slot. was wondering tho if i should just save the rubies for the 3rd slot (already have 2nd slot opened) or use em for oksana so i have a rider for fomhar. avyx has tor, aibrean has def hunter, eq has def sorc and chimerak has def warriror rest of my dragons are hunters but yeah. fomhar is the only divine dragons (dark/hunter) w.o a rider so his overall attack power is rated way lower than the rest. lmk thanks.

Since you have Atlas, Get Oksana!!!

I have Oksana on my Fomhar right now, and with her current armour she provides a 50% damage boost and a 35% HP boost. As a platinum dragon I used her successfully to set up mid to upper level 200s bases in the PvP, with defenders. Now, these were no paragons of base design, but mid 40 level towers proved to be no problem.

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kk, so you think I should wait until my gold storage is higher and by then have enough rubies to use to open up the 3rd slot? & instead for now, grab up as much of Oksana as possible for Fomhar so he’s not riderless @DerangedSkrill ?

The third primarch slot has limited benefit compared to its extreme cost. However, having a rider on Fomhar has been a literal game changer for me. Now, the benefits of the rider are not actually from the rider itself, but from the armour I have been crafting in atlas. However, it does not take much to get a few pieces of level 1 legendary gear, and that makes a huge difference.

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