White Evolution Stone/Mythic Divine Infinite Evolving


So this is an idea that I had, don’t know if there is a post that is similar to this, but what if PG introduced a “white evolution stone” that could be purchased with sigils during a season on a separate rotating tier. You could use this stone on any season dragon to evolve it to any tier. So for example, I only got up to sapphire stone on Kinnarus and she is capped, so I could use this stone to evolve her to garnet but no farther. I don’t think that old season divines should be released again for those who don’t have them as it is a perk for those who did play, but it would be nice to be able to use other divines I have. This would mean that if you don’t have the dragon, you can’t use the white evolution stone on it.

Second idea, make mythics evolve infinitely whenever new tiers are released. People spend a lot of money on them, however, they become obsolete in a few months. Phasmos would be a very strong dragon, but he is capped at Sapphire. Easy fix, make it so they don’t need evolution stones to level up, I honestly don’t see the point of requiring sigils for the mythic because people already spent thousands to get it…why charge more? I might be more willing, and same with some viewers I was talking with the other day, to spend some money to get a mythic, if I knew it wouldn’t be obsolete in a month or two…because we all know its about time for a new tier.

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Quoting myself here, this subject has already been discussed in another thread if you want to read and add something. Sorry to already disagree on your white stone as you presented it…


100% nope. There have been so many posts on this, and and just no thank you.

You didn’t do as well as you wanted last season? Do better this season and learn from your mistakes. Focus your fall sigils on the fall dragons - they are fantastic. Divines fall off our roster because that is what is intended so we can get new ones. It’s not hard for a free player to get one dragon line to a place where we can use it for several months to come.


Ok thanks, didn’t realize that the first part was already discussed. Though, I don’t know if the mythic part has been discussed.


Regarding mythics (Phasmos was Garnet btw) - they are designed to milk money out of people. If you don’t regularly spend $5k plus you should be hesitant to spend it on mythic, especially a non-hunter. However, if you’re not to end game yet the mythic will last you a lot longer.


Yeah, it has almost always been about the money. However, I think they could help the players out who got it because as far as I can determine, they won’t loose money if they allow mythics to evolve permanently. People just might be more willing to spend. And thanks, forgot that he could go to garnet since I didn’t get him personally.


People would be more unwilling to spend. You have a Morphos and a Phasmos at obsidian so why would you get Moonfang? You wouldn’t. The evolving (and limited evolution) is what gives people the motivation to get the next one.


Some might yeah, but also there are a lot of people who are going to spend no matter what becuase they want to get the mythic/do well in events and get him anyways. But I see your reasoning…it just depends on the situation.


This is exactly what I think and what I always thrive to do :blush:


This is always a request i see coming from extremely new players; they probably brought it up to you since you are the noob master (master of all the noobs if you will) and are widely known by people surfing the Youtubes. So i don’t blame you for having to ask it.

That being said, i’m 100% against bringing back old divines of any era (seasonal, monthly, chest frags, etc) in any way shape or form. They are putting out brand new dragons every season to obtain so let’s let the old divines have their space in their retirement facility and bring them out to play only for supervised flights once a week for a laugh.

I really like the way they tried to revitalize old tier dragons (kinn, borg, merk, amarok) as divines, that was a pretty cool concept and fully got behind that thinking. That is a way these could be approached if they ever wanted to release a new “nightshade” or “sigurd” etc. Change the dragon, change the spell set, and just have them related to each other while leaving the original entirely alone.

RE: Evolving mythics, that sounds like PG losing lots of money in the long term for a very small influx of immediate cash incentive. Probably not a good business model for a company with investors that is cashflow positive (assuming they are).


For crying out loud when will people stop making posts about this.


when I catch up to the most recently released tier :laughing:


I figured it was about time for another post on this… lol :roll_eyes:
Yeah, my vote is still no. It’s always tempting to want to go back and get a dragon I wish I had gotten. But if we all had infinite opportunities to get these dragons then they wouldn’t be special anymore.


2 things,
1)It isn’t getting a Divine you DON’T have, but getting a way to evolve a dragon to a tier. Like another evolution stone but just universal.

  1. Wouldn’t me infinite, I said 1 per season.

  1. Yeah i think that’s the point that we are all against, making these divines relevant again. Their time has come and gone.

  2. So apparently infinite = 1 , thanks for the clarification. I’m sure Webster would like to know this information as well for his ummm what do you call that thing…oh yea…dictionary.

I’d vote for you. xOdinsNemesisx for WD overlord. Make WD great again!


These posts are honestly starting to appear more than bugs in the game…and that’s saying something.

Quit dreaming up new and creative ways to bring back past divines. PG has already said they are THINKING about it, but haven’t made any decisions regarding it. I’m sure once they figure out how to milk you suckers, I mean PLAYERS out of the max amount of money for them, they will bring them back.

And as far as divines that evolve to future tiers, yeah right. I could see that happening for maybe 1 ultra limited divine, that costs around $10k per future evolution stone. “Buy this ONE divine and never EVER have to buy another divine! until we quit using evolving divines, one month after releasing this new divine ” I would say when pigs fly and unicorns walk the earth (and not sad little men in costumes, either), but this is the land of PG. if you will pay for it, they’ll eventually make it…


No! This has been discussed repeatly, let’s move on!


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