White mages on last island by den

Dragons too strong so a white buffer mage is needed. Need to make a white mage now dragons are far to strong.

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Dragons are too strong? Are you kidding me??

With all the buff on towers… newer research for flaks… and upcoming again…

Please… no.

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Need to describe more on what a “white mage” can do :thinking:.
Does it block any white spell attack? (like Red Mage)
Does it silence any white spell? (like Blue Mage)
Or other effect?

More details will be good, rather just mentioning White Mage, and nothing else.

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The day they include white mage will likely be the one many walk away from the game.

It’s been almost a joke for so long I’d consider it a downgrade from the game (but a white Cloak was a joke too, yet they did it and it makes me worry about mages…), as white spells were designed to bypass mages. Why bypass mages with white spells if you mean to add a white mage later? Sounds silly.

Reduce the number of white spells in Dragon spellsets? Surely they could do that (but not weeks after release because I don’t want to deal with the forum outrage it will cause, no thank you… :persevere:) Just remember that those spells have lower power than their colored ones counterparts in general.

No need for white mages.


Yeah don’t joke about these things it normalizes the absurd.

Also the last island by the den seems way too late to make any difference.


Tbh, I won’t mind if they introduced White Mage (or other towers), as long as it’s not merely copying Red/Blue Mage effect (in white), or even combining both (too lame for a new tower).

Furthermore, if it’s about spell silencing, we have Ice Flak SS already (which can block dragons to cast spells).

If it has more creative effects, I won’t mind (as long as it’s balanced)

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then what PG will do next is introducing black spells for newer and shinier dragons. Which bypass all the mages. Of course it only costs several thousand dollars to acquire.


and the cycle continue

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When you get hit by a white mage supershot, you lose all rage completely and white spells will be blocked for the entirety of the attack :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: even those spells not needing any rage :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:roll_eyes: Is it balanced?

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For the numbers:
Add white mages

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • I just want to see the results

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Off topic a bit, but why do people keep making polls that have the result set to hidden, and then add an option to view the results?


Yeah i notice that too, is it poll season? People just keep making polls :roll_eyes:

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If only they occupy the poll with a steel stanchion, so I can dance with it…

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On topic.

No more details? Disappointed :unamused:


Absolutely not, do not need anymore Mages, White or any other color…There are other Towers can use in addition to Mages and if lay base out wisely, that have the means to take Pups down. Maybe should re-evaluate your base layout, and experiment with different Tower combinations on your kill island.

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Yea ice flak is essentially a white mage, at least for defensive white spells and any healing or damage boosting spell. Kinda a mix of blue and what white would be, while also packing some punch


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Sure stuff may not be perfectly balanced at the moment but a white mage tower would, in one go, make a significant number of dragons simply unviable. You would kill off set up dragons once and for all, and turn things into even more of a numbers game than it is now. Sure we have a few too many white spells these days IMHO but still. I don’t think this tower is a solution


I would not be happy about a white mage…

but Purple Mage… I’d be OK with that… combines blue and red to free up a spot on the island.

or maybe Super Flaming Storm… combined storm with Red Mage. You get the idea.

Unironically I actually wonder if this would be an interesting and balanced option. More powerful but then the dragons only have to take out a single tower to beat both red and blue mage effects. Obviously the extra tower spot has to be taken into account here and I don’t know whether this would be balanced overall or not. But still it would be interesting if this could work