Who are the Winter contest winners?

@Arelyna we were supposed to know the winners on Friday 11 (for a few people it’s already Saturday). Is the announcement reported to a later date due to spell scaling issues? :thinking:

I’m sure I’m not the only one burning to know! :exploding_head:


Indeed. I’d like to know if I won, or got an honorable mention, or if I should try my luck again next time :laughing:


You’re a winner in my book no matter what people say.


Awww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes… spill the tea… super hyped

I’m hyped even i know that I’ll never win it. The only reason I won once was because not many people entered since the contest had been based on how WD positively impacted your life.


I won in the Summit contest too… :sweat_smile:

I just like to create new things but I’m terrible at finishing them. The forum and other medias about the game motivates me :blush:

That’s the secret impact WD had on my life! :sweat_smile: and you just helped me realize it :blush:

all of the entries were amazing, their probably having an hard time deciding :slight_smile:
Maybe they’ll give us all prizes for participation?
E for effort, am I right?

Last year I did participate in the creative contest (with a prototype of a Toothless scrunchie :heart_eyes:), I didn’t win then but we did receive a little something for participating in the contest… I won’t tell you what though :grin: You’ll see if they decide to send something :blush:

Ever since, when I see a contest I’m itching to try, also because I enjoy the process of creating things even more than actually winning :joy:

Wasn’t it a small pack of sigils?

Ya I won the summer contest 1st place. Was pretty surprised too. It’s an experience. And why not try? Can’t lose anything in the process.

Hopefully they do…

Hush :scream::face_with_hand_over_mouth::speak_no_evil:

Was delighted too. Won a first prize to with my watercolour painting of Axi. What was yours? I think they weren’t all posted on the forum… They were submitted through a link :thinking:

I really wanted that mug :star_struck:

Ya the mug was great. Mine was the how to fly whale Video.
Not sure which contest … but sometime in the summer

They just said winners have been posted… where

Must be from a Guide and resources contest. I don’t try those :sweat_smile:

I don’t see any comment from Arelyna or Crisis today and it’s Sunday. It’s unlikely we’ll get any response until Monday…


On their Facebook and insta they said winners have been posted

Oh. Ok. I don’t follow all medias, just Twitch sometimes…

I checked. We only have one name :sweat_smile:


Ya that one person who drew the dragon w/ presents