Who did I just attack?

There is a list if who just attacked me. There should be a list of my recent attacks so when I get attacked I can see if it’s fresh or a revenge attack. Without this info, we go back and forth, farming without even meaning to. Be a good idea, dontcha think?


Or dont bother to revenge unless you notice them hitting you alot.


Personally I do not want this to be a thing for the simple reason of not having the same people repeat hitting for RSS during RSS events. Of course someone can always bookmark before they hit or memorize the name or team name but a lot of times they don’t so their hit is a one-and-done.



I agree it would be nice especially if you want to make sure you’re not farming someone by accident


chances are if you farm someone by “accident” its because they have RSS no? And in that case they are fair game lol

I like it also in case you happen to be random hitting and get a good take and forget to bookmark. How many times have you looted good gold and wish you bookmarked? I know I have a ton. :man_shrugging:t3:


so you want to use it so you can farm as well lol

I’m not against the idea BTW>

I’d like a feature like this. Sometimes I attack someone I’ve bookmarked and 5 minutes, i forget who it was. This would help me not attack the same person multiple times in a row.

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I’ve often wanted this too - if someone’s attacking me (or getting teammates to) my response might be a little different if it’s something I inadvertently started - or can 100% be sure I didn’t. However, I agree it’d essentially be an auto-bookmark that would make it very easy to farm people. Fort and feed events would become utterly futile.

Perhaps instead of listing every attack made, the list of incoming attacks could indicate whether it was a revenge attack - e.g. tell you ‘You attacked this player 3 hours ago’. Limit it to a couple of days history, I don’t care if I hit someone last August.


I always find it so bizarre how there has been this unwritten rule made about farming or repeat attacks on players in a game where you are given the ability to bookmark opponents for the specific purpose of attacking repeatedly.

An attack and defense history all as one area (instead of trying to lump it in with in-game messaging) would be fantastic IMO.


Even if they did it the same as your "have been attacked " log like let us see our last 5-6 attacks. Anything at this point would be a better option than none.

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i would love this if i could view my past attacks. last game had this feature and i loved it. but for me it was more to watch my replays to see where i could improve, or if i completely shit the bed on a run to see what i did wrong to learn

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Just know which teams don’t store their gold… :man_shrugging:

If you farm someone by accident, just apologize…

They haven’t even fix the android glitch where we can only save the replay of the last person who attacked, while in Iphone multiple replays get saved.

More likely an intentional change, as CampusLifer said before that it was causing crashes. It would be nice to see it revisited, though.

Also, as just happened: Egg Tokens Current Missions— 20 Storm towers. I search and search and finally find a base with 10. 2 attacks and I’m done, saving time and heals, but alas, I FORGOT THE NAME. Happens a lot. This would solve that.

Bit off topic, but if you need an easy base with a lot of towers for egg missions, you can visit one of the mission farms:

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