Who else likes Fight Pits?

Okay, so I know the normal complaints can be levied against fight pits. Too grindy, too expensive, etc.

That being said, it’s still my favorite. It gives players who can’t drop megas a chance to participate, heck I’d say you could win without dropping a mega if your team grinds enough (unlike gauntlet). It doesn’t stick you with only 1-2 teams you can attack for the entire event (unlike kingdom wars). It truly allows for the most freedom and is the least boring in my opinion. I’d like to see more events like this, where chances are you can’t/don’t have to choose one player and hit him/her the entire time.

I like pits now … the update saved this event


I’d like to see more events that are purely team oriented. I get enough of alliances in Atlas. It’s one of the reasons I favour Temple Raid. But I agree that hitting the same player over and over geta wearisome.

But I do enjoy the new format over the old!

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My main complaint is the timing factor - the last 15-30 minutes is still key, even with the changes. If you don’t have the flexibility to pop on every 6 hours, it is difficult to contribute meaningfully. In that sense, I liked the old capture the flag better. End of round mattered, but you could rack up points against individual teams to set yourself up for taking a lot of flags. Here if you rack up points early, you just put a bullseye on your back for the mega wave.


They did adjust things so that this doesn’t have nearly as big of an impact as it used to :eyes: It might not be perfect, but it’s way better than it used to be.

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not a big fan of PVP’s :see_no_evil:

Not really a fan, the event still punishes you for participating in it by making your team a target and megas still rule it. There is isnt much chance of being able to out grind megas which instantly can undo hours of work.

All the update really did was make it so your team couldnt get pounded relentlessly and get 0 VP in the round. It didnt actually improve much and the last 30 minutes are still the most critical

The energy reset is nice though and you dont need to be on constantly like you do with KW


People who have plenty of time, and lots of cash for megacoins. :joy:
That event is to drain your saved energy only. Look how much energy spend and how many sigils you get… and how much u have to spend to get the same sigils with other pvp.

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Nor me of course :rofl: hate fight pits and kingdom wars

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I think I read somewhere there was at least 5 or 6 people in the player base that actually like this event.

I’m joking sheesh. I’m sure at least 10 people will get upset I said that :joy:

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