Who going to extreme haunted house?

I’m looking for another I have done the blackout haunted house I will say that was very extreme I feel up to going to another just as intense or more here is the best video of blackout since there is no recording allowed

Omg I just tinkled in my underroos… :eyes:

Hell no! Ain’t gonna happen :skull::exploding_head:


Lol why yes you go alone and yes it’s pitch black best thing to do from experience is not to give in and scream yes I been waterboarded but still never gave them that satisfaction of screaming

like torture or washing out hair dye?

Yes its like that but you can’t see nothing when it happening

Are you interested into things like that

hair dye yes, haunted houses no

You don’t want your hair cut lol

Anyone think a PG member will go do this haunted house

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