Who is flying Gryff?

I am curious what people, that actually have him, think. I am a hunter flier and warriors are not really my thing but I watched a high lvl gryff rip thru a pretty good, defended, base the other day!

Oh, he’s the underdog of this season but really he’s amazing.

I haven’t seen anything good of him yet.


Cause no one made a video of him maxed & against endgame bases yet*

I am very curious now.

He’s fantastic…
… on a perch


Here ya go yes gryff is actually a pretty good warrior dragon


my opinion, i like that the fact gryff can kill towers fast, and stun them (payback for all the times a trebuchet stunned me) so pretty good ( this is coming from a person with a level 6 gryff)

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He is pretty decent, and is a good looker to boot.

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He’s quite the handsome dragon!


:expressionless: Nope. Meggie or Gig are better.



I would hope Meg and Gig would be better, they are Mythics.


on topic.
Perhaps wait a bit longer for many to claim their Gryff (if any)

He’s good, I highly suggest they put his 3 runes on him and the other two glyphs make them rage, to sustain his rage usage more efficiently while using blood fury & his stun spell.

He doesn’t need any( Unless you want to) Ap runes because his breath spell dose 200% of increased damage.

My mate gots him maxed in abyssal :sweat_smile: he saids he good.

If anything I’ll ask him to send me a clip of him.

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:roll_eyes: :joy:

Right :wink:

Of all the dragons this season it has the best animations by far.

I’ll never use him in battle since I have too much gear to level up already without getting another set…but he looks pretty strong for a legendary warrior.

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Mythic until next tier comes out.

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