Who is going for kin or jakaal

I’m going for Hunter would be #4 mythic on back 2 back 2 seasons I have a threepeat but I’m hungry for another Hunter


I hear the hunter’s utility is highly base dependent and takes a lot of skill, and that the sorc is quite good. That said, get the one that you’ll have fun flying (or dying lol) with!

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Both mythics have promise. Neither choice is wrong this season.

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I am shooting for kin. I love sorcerers. This will be my first if I am successful

Kin looks like a lot of fun. Even if it’s worse than Jaalkan I wish I got it

Kinnarix is the new LOML :heartpulse:

Jaalkan is spell intensive, rage hungry, and complex to the point of exhaustion for me. It is also very base dependent. One base you will wreck without effort, the next you will die no matter how well you fly.

Kinnarix may not be able to steam roll triple D all the time, but it’s solid and I’ve been enjoying the heck out of it! :partying_face:


When you say complex that what I love say Hunter wins again so xul you have a buddy besides calavor

Im having fun with Kin. Cant say Im ever a fan of random bounces but she’s still fun… a hell of a lot more fun than the shiny turd named Sorath’rim.

I do 100% feel her runes should be changed to sorcerer HP though.
So far biggest issue is (as I said in another topic) dealing with accidentally turning off auto-battle all the time. I also sometimes find that barrage sticks in her mouth and she doesn’t want to let it go. I sometimes feel like I have to tap like a hunter to get her to drop it (which of course then ends up turning off autobattle :woman_facepalming:t3: :man_facepalming:t3:)

It comes down to what YOU want to fly. What looks most appealing to YOU, the person that will be flying it. If you’re on the fence then do your research and go watch some flight videos from the CF… seeing as how that lazy potato hasn’t put any videos out and has brought so much dishonor upon her cow that it has been downgraded to a sheep
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Kinnarix is kinda better
Jaalkan feel weirdly complicated and has so many stop and wait and not a continuous flow of destruction like xul

Sounds a lot like how it was to fly Nightshade and Neptus…more so Nightshade

Both but the odds aren’t in my favor now so the hunter

I can’t do easy Dragons I always want the challenge I’m the person that will set a game to Max difficulty even though I never played the game like me playing RE3 remake playing that on nightmare I died 341 times saved 4 times completed it in 9 hrs 56 mins I want the challenge like when dying light 2 stay human comes out I’m so ready to fly jakaal

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I got jalkan it is difficult to master but it is excellent dragon present iam at abyssal level it is taking down 112 level towers also


I didn’t even use the runes that came with her :frowning:

I just used HP runes I had sitting around.

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I ended up putting the glyph on for the reduced cooldown and am trying it too see. I might change it later on… I wish they would just change the runes like they should be.

I dont know which is more absurd, that they gave attack to an HP based sorcerer or that lame excuse they gave as to why they did it :roll_eyes:


Rune of pride on there as well!!

Heck how does she fly that pimped out?

Totally agree its like the designers either don’t know how the mechanics work or it was an oversight.

Haha love the name - classic!!

What was the reason? I think they botched it with Quasar’s runes too iirc

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Decision: Jk.
Reason: Kx is a sorcerer.

Their “reasoning” was that she already has plenty of defense :woman_facepalming:t3: :man_facepalming:t3: :man_facepalming:t3: :woman_facepalming:t3:

Yet for some reason Jaal still got attack runes despite having plenty of damage already. It’s not like we cant stack other HP runes on her so that excuse was weaker than moonfang

And yeah, they gave Q attack runes too for some random reason. I dont even think we ever got an answer about that even though it was asked probably 50 times


That thing is stacked!

Any opinions on rage? Is she rage intensive? Xandra or Yeken?