Who is good rider in this season

Who is best out of zephon and Magnus.

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You can compare all riders here :-


But in summary they are fairly similar. Magnus gets my vote due to more rage and because for 2 weeks you can get 20% more prizes.

Zephon might be the go if you prefer hp due to perhaps having lots of rage runes on hand or focusing on a warrior aoe hp build.

Magnus 24 (att) 12 (hp) 16 (rage)

Zephon 24 (att) 14 (hp) 10 (rage)

Zephon also has a 0 att , 38% hp and 10 rage build for some flexibility. (Highest hp in game)

My take home message is that these riders are both pretty decent and almost equivalent to atlas riders.


Comes down to what you need/use. Magnus’ line does have a 20% rss boost on it for two weeks so that’s not terrible.

Zephon: (0 atk, 38 HP, 10 rage, Warriors or Hunters only)
HP specialized rider, basically Venus for warriors and hunters but with slightly higher HP, and slightly lower rage. Good for warriors, seems rather pointless for hunters since they’re attack based. If you didnt get Venus last season or spec’d her for invokers then he’s a very solid choice to have.
There’s really no reason to get Zephon and spec him for attack, if you’re going to do that then just use a different rider.

Magnus: (24 atk, 12 hp, 16 rage, you get boosts for 2 classes of your choice)
less specialized stats, higher Atk than HP and decently higher rage than usual. For hunters he’s Xandra with less rage. For everything else he’s a atk based rider, similar to Archelus but not a generic rider

So it depends on if you want an atk or hp based rider. It’s good that Magnus got another 8% rage but is stats are very similar to other riders. Sorcerers are HP based, most warriors and invokers are HP based too and if you’re going to use him on a hunter then you might as well use Xandra if you have her or Archrelus. Maybe if you want to do Atk on a warrior like Sora he’s a decent choice.


I need rider for xul…who is best zephon, archelus, and magnus.?

Archelus by far.

From what I’ve seen (people who’ve actually flown Xul please correct me), Xul is not very rage hungry when you learn him correctly. Thus, it is important to absolutely stack him with as much attack as possible. I’d go Archelus (27% ATK, 10% HP, 1 AMMO)

Edit: Not by far, since a 3% difference likely won’t be a dealbreaker, but still highest nonetheless.

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Ammo is pretty useless for Xul though, I think I would prefer +24% attack +16% rage or +23% attack +24% rage over +27% +0% rage really.

Also HP can really help cover mistakes with Xul, if you’re a less than perfect flyer, so I wouldn’t quite ignore that option either. Surviving a howitzer shot to the face has been useful for me more than once (using full HP Zephon at the moment).

Seems for magnus and zephon only 2hp difference. Remaining attack same. So i think magnus better than zephon… what you say?

Zephon is only really interesting in HP form I think. It’s attack spec is kinda average. Magnus or Xandra seem better for attack/rage.

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Yes yes…now only i observe…he has 38% hp

I am planning on getting sorathrim this season (first mythic dragon in the game). Should I go for zephon or magnus? In terms of health and attack zephon looks good but I am more concerned in terms of rage. Does anyone know if it requires a lot of rage?

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Zephon literally has 0 atk if you go full HP. Zephon is good for HP, Magnus is decent for atk for non hunters (he’s average for hunters) and above average for rage (not game-changing high but higher than the usual 10%).

I havent flown Sora, but being a regular warrior flyer sora’s spell damage is fairly low and arent going to be killing anything against defenders unless the tower is nearly dead anyway. Watching Imprev’s how to fly video, it looks like Sora’s shield, freeze and dodge need to be used to avoid damage rather than dealing it. So to me at least going HP focused doesnt seem like the best direction if you’re going to be relying on his breath attack and need to counter hammers.
He has no actual rage regen so it is critical you maintain the 1 rage needed to cycle his freeze and dodge. His blue spell is worthless so the rest of your rage would be used primarily on keeping the breath boost always active and also on the shield between dodge cycles. No rage means he wont be able to kill anyway so rage regen from a rider like Xandra or Magnus is good to have

Personally, if I do get him I think I may go with Xandra or Archelus. Im not sure if Magnus is worth the sigils when he’s not significantly better than an atlas rider

@SalMad Sorathrim need ATK and Rage, so I will say Magnus (with full 16% rage) plus rage runes ( preferably with Attack as 2nd boost).

Yeah I think I will get Magnus then, I have a Mythic rage rune too so it should help with the amount of rage it requires. Plus the 20% also should be helpful.
Thanks guys!

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In my opinion if you go for Sora this season, Zephon is the way to go. 3 of his spellkit is hp based, so you will do more over all damage with higher hp(pulse damage). His attack is fine as it is and the pulse damage could help a bit in a defended run. Magnus is more an allrounder but good for hunters and sorcerors. The rage for sora i think it’s not a problem if you time the spells right. You can give your rider rage runes and glyphs to improve that if you want. It’s just my opinion

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definitely not, the damage derived from the HP is minimal and will not even remove the HP shields XD
Seriously, that damage only serves to help the only real way to kill towers, Breath ATK .
You need as much ATK as possible in order to kill as many towers as possible within 3 seconds of Divine Judgment and Rage to use. In the end ,again, Sorathrim need ATK and Rage. Trust me, don’t worry :slight_smile:
My runes-glyphs will are All for ATK+Rage Rage+Atk .
@SalMad HOW TO USE SORATH’RIM?? DETAILED GUIDE TO ITS USE! - ImperivmItaly War Dragons - YouTube

I definetely disagree. Sorath’s spell damage is very small, against a defender it wont do anything as they’ll just heal it right back up with hammers. He’s going to be almost completely reliant on his breath to kill towers so you want it as high as possible to counter hammer spam. Rage also looks very important for him, he has no actual rage gain and absolutely needs to maintain rage to maintain the protection cycle and keep his breath boost active at all times. While CP is on cooldown he’s vaulnerable to rage drain so if he does you need to get your rage built back up asap.

Sorath looks like a unique warrior that needs to focus on atk over hp. I dont really think Zephon would be a great choice for him over say Magnus, Xandra, Suresh or Archelus
I wish we could swap the secondary ability of Sorath’s and Quasar’s runes

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