Who is in charge of the game seems like nobody

When the game rips you off 10 bronze chesh all I give is an error in an apology
And doesn’t really contribute you anything where are the answers and who is in charge of this game .¿

doesn’t want anyone spending money on the game

If you have concerns about a specific issue regarding your account, file a “ticket” or report in game. In general, you can file a report by clicking settings (looks like a cog) and pressing “contact us”.

Dumb question does anyone to produce the game answer any questions ¿

Yes, they do when needed and when they have the time/resources. However for an issue like you’re stating, support (the employees you speak to when you file a ticket) is the first step.

Stop with the excuses if the game is at fault and consequences should be applied I spend money on the game and I speak better resolve from the game I’m asking the question stop giving false answers

Like if I run down the road and buy a case of beer and a poll half of it out who’s at fault I bet it’s not me and then they still tried to charge me full price they are charging for service then it’s got to be correct

Bronze chests? Lmao there free

Just… drink the beer. Destar wins anyway. A retard can fly nowadays. Bronze chests… Destar might just… steal your beer.


Young hatchling, the advice Red gave you is sound and fair, that’s exactly what any moderator or employee on the forum would tell you to do, to file a ticket ingame and your issue should get resolved shortly. Though if you prefer a more direct approach, you can also file a ticket here


I hope you give this a try, because no one on the forum has any magic wand to solve your problem unless you file a ticket. You can eventually provide your ticket number later if your issue is not resolved within 24h.

Best of luck.


For a long term game such as WD, it’s not rare to find a bug.
When a new content is added, a bug may be occured. However, PG has its team making patches (and doing other things) continuously to do its tasks (and bug fixing is one of them).
While their tasks schedule is (probably) not the same as our expectation, they do listen to us.
Granted that PG may have different directions and priorities from ours, but they do care about bug fixing.

Therefore, it’s best to report the bug(s) by filing a ticket (and escalate it if necessary), and be patient…

The moment PG stop updating WD is the death of the game

Noone forces you to spend in this game

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Sorry I forgot to explain myself There’s two buttons there One or ten I already had 10 bronze chest ¿ Press the button 10 chest there was a pop-up letter saying they apologise for the error game reset did not receive my 10 bronze chest

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They’re great! But I still don’t compensate the player for your mistakes

This whole thread is a joke. I like it :joy:


Here’s a window…

Window lickers, there’s a whole team of them …


Maybe don’t spaz out like a fool and listen to what the moderators of this forum have to say. 🤷


Benjamin Franklin is in charge of this game, duh…

PG is in charge of this game

Are you special or something?

I mean, several people have told you how to contact “someone in charge of this game”, yet you come here and insult the people telling you how to contact “the people”.

Can’t fix stupid I guess!