Who is the better rider of the two

Swann vs malus I seen both of their stats they look exactly the same to me some say Swann is better others say malus is better so who really is better?

They are exactly the same, and so is Kevana.


Can u respectfully STOP making random topics…

  1. Use dragon buddy
  2. Use ur eyes
  3. Depending on what dragon ur using them on they would be better / worse
  4. Both those riders are really sucky ones…

For once this isn’t a random topic. They’re getting people’s option in what rider is better then the other. So no…not random


Honestly tell me are u going to use those riders in today’s game ?

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No, but compared to their other threads this one isn’t random.


If it’s about Yeken and those kinda riders than yeh I’m cool with that but not ancient riders that are useless compared to what we are getting.

I honestly think BLOODWISER is bored and hasn’t got anything else to do than make topics about stuff that dose not need topics.


I get u there.
To anyone else it’s random but to BLOOD it should get over a 100 :sparkling_heart:

No just to a few people it’s random, because once again. They wanted opinions on the riders above, and @Morreion has kindly answered blood.


Not really my usual style :joy: but sometimes it’s a good day


Obviously you don’t pay attention to the new traffic analytics this may help the new players fyi

I doubt majority of g1 atlas newbies will come here for any info… the forum isn’t exactly popular at least for wd.

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Well for new players the advice is definitely to ignore these three riders and use their blue shards on the good ones instead. Xandra, Yeken, Crom, Anja, Archelus, Sophia. Probably in that order.


Forget noobs, as an older player who hasn’t claimed all the Atlas riders, I found this helpful.


I honestly dont get how anyone who has been playing this game for a while wouldnt already know those first 3 blue shard riders were clones of each other.

The forums is definitely here to ask questions but a topic really shouldnt be created until you’ve put some effort into finding out the info for yourself. A quick look at their skill trees would easily tell you they’re the same rider along with Kev.
Ask questions for sure but dont be lazy and just create a topic because you cant be bothered to even attempt to figure it out for yourself.

Plus Neon is a well known site, there are many links for it all over the forums and it has all this info in a convenient layout

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Some of us are more main game focused than Atlas focused.


Malus came out in Fall 2018, you dont have to be atlas focused at all to know they’re the same and again, it’s literally right there in their skill trees to see.

Exactly same way as alot of peopleDont know how to correctly obtain glory most that attack me when swapping they get 2.3k - 4.6k glory instead of getting 10.5k - 11.5k glory

Self answered question :woman_shrugging:

How dare you to miss Ryva? :triumph:


Your doing the total opposite of helping. New players will be like a lvl 500 said to get this fixed so we should get it but NO this 500 dosent understand the game they will get that trash rider instead of a rider like Xanxra