Who is this dragon?


Saw this dragon pop up on the bottom of my screen when I lost an attack. Anybody recognize him?:thinking:

Looks like kinnarakku

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A little different though

Search him on your castle bob. For me him is an old divine drag

Kinda looks like frigg and kinnaraku had a kid

Ive seen that guy too, he doesnt exist tho. Also seen a gold amarok lol. Probably just some designs they didnt use that somehow made their way into the defeat screen :man_shrugging:t2:


IIRC, the gold amarok is actually summoned dragon (the regular one)

As NotOwl and Orca said, they don’t really exist and are actually summoned Dragons, a few of them are actually listed on amoeba website if I remember well (amoeba website is not updated anymore, just saying).

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