Who is this egg? 🤔


Dunno if I should hatch it …


I think Kerbos but not 100%


kerbos maybe? You can go to your castle and click on them to find out when it says “go to incubator”


Why so many unhatched egglings? Speed them all up ASAP in typical mech fashion


Don’t follow

You’ll have hard time petting your eggs, trolling with them… eating bacons.


3 edits in under a minute, that has to be a new record even for you


Live dangerously and on the edge… go ahead and hit that incubate button. You know you want to. Buttons need pushing anyways…


No!! I need to save the timers for building. Noctua gonna be baked next.


I don’t need that one for breeding. No hatching then


Can I get baked with noc too?


…I thought we were eating bacons… not baked noctua… :scream:


Got two emeralds and two garnets waiting for their turn to bake. They’ll get it during the long weary trek to 300


Why? You like it hot? :smirk:


No bacon yet. But soon


Always. And smoky… :wink:


YOU SAVAGE! :scream:


No you are


Definitely Kerbos. Not gonna need him, but you’ll need Slax for Hedran if you’re on Rhyo 1.


Thanks, I’m doing a mashup of Rhyo 1/2 to get enough obsid eggs for the hut pre-300.


Weren’t you looking for harbinger eggs pre-300?

And to follow up on this, there is no way to backbreed additional harbinger eggs prior to L300 especially on the Rhyo paths. You get 1 spare harb egg and that’s after you become L300