Who is your Most Valuable Dragon? (Springblossom 4th, Feeding)

Mine is surprisingly Haku.

Who do you already have?

This season? Haku.
However, he’s much more useful than Prospero… :eyes:

I’ve taken mine from Gold to Harbinger this event, the little to no wait on heal time is great for grinding xp.


Haven’t hatched my haku…

Haku has helped save a ton of heal pots already lol. So most valuable, Haku for sure in the last couple of weeks. But I guess the same would apply to any dragon from this season till its over.


Chunk, always and forever

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Ember by a long shot. Quick hourly egg missions FTW


Comparing warrior to a hunter

Is it?
Haku has something Pros doesn’t.
As simple as that.

Which is what?

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I’m seriously thinking about legendary warrior. It has aoe spell (fly watching Netflix or excerise) and it heals for next attack within a minute. It will save tons of heal pots on invader :joy:

there can be only one…

Lord Ember!


Fortunately, not just invaders. He saves me tons of heal pots during food raid as well :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: .
While he can’t hit as high as Pros, lots of small raids mean much more than a few of high targetted raid, which most likely give 0 food…

Heal time.

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I’m with @BloodAngl
It’s still, and will always be, the incredible Ember.

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The all mighty Lord Ember, or I like Fomhar

Lord Ember :heart: Always … just wish I could use all the xp on him. He deserves to be at least a sapphire. Of course with zero healing time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Once this season is over, so will the heal time I’m pretty sure. So it’s not like it’s a permanent ability Haku is gonna have.

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8 event is a good trade off.
Saving about 100 - 200 heal pots/ event (thus, 500h - 1000h/week)

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