Who or what inspired you to do something new

This YouTuber actually studied two kinds of languages and that inspired me to study and learn a language that is never spoken, what language? Sign language it’s actually funny b cause whenever I’m mad at someone or what to be a smart Alex I just sign something depending what the situation is. Also my wife friend has a non verbal autistic daughter I didn’t learn from her I studied on my own accord my learning curve now I can somewhat hold a conversation

This is the guy that inspired me to learn something new


Those videos are hilarious sometimes

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OHHHH him!!! I never thought I’d see him on the forums!! (Imma have to to think about the other part)

You know ASL! Cool, I learned it as both my parents are deaf, but it’s still not the best lol

Funny when I was doing it to a supervisor alot of people didn’t like people laughed because he did know what I was doing

Lol, love those videos. They’re so funny.

I had someone cut me off in traffic and I instinctively used sign language despite never having studied it. :slightly_smiling_face:


PG inspired me to train my patience, and in general to not care or have any hope of improvements.


Seeing all of the dragons here have inspired me to draw them


The goal is getting better you only get better as you practice

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PG’s poor implementation of the last event inspired me to log-in less

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I can sorta agree, maybe it’s inspired me to at least try a bit more for dragons specifically, we don’t start with teammates though, that’s a can of inspiration worms that would go on forever!