Who’s in charge?

I have a team mate who’s base level has been wrong for the past two months. She has reached out to support on multiple occasions and no one seems to be able to help. Because of this others think her base is much higher then what it is and it screws us in events. Surely this can’t be that hard to fix…why does she get so many different answers from support who seems to know nothing about the game to which they are supporting?
Who is the top dog? Who can fix this issue?

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Does she multiple accounts on a single device?


Seems like a classic case of account bleed. I doubt if its solution exists with PG at the moment. But man, it sucks when you become victim of being shown as high level.

Who is on first.

@pgjared is the rootines’ Tootenes’ cowboy in these parts.
I’m pretty sure the higher level thing is caused by making an alt on the same device. Not sure if fixable.

Edit: Arelyna is on it!

Low and behold another glitch

No she does not…that’s been on of the questions.

The reason I ask is because usually this is caused by having multiple accounts on a single device, which is something we cannot necessarily fix. It is one of the first questions that we usually ask. If they have a ticket number, I can try and take a look.

Arelyna’s reply in chocolate boxes :heart_eyes:

How do you do that

I’ll flag myself as off topic later… had to ask it’s coooool


What’s your friend’s ticket number?

thank you…I sent you a personal message

Working on that now…thanks

This particular “glitch” is often user induced. What value does your comment bring to the discussion?

Your issue with silver chests missing will be resolved once the super sigil chest go away. Since they replace the silvers you can not access whatever silvers you already had or that continue to drop from monuments.

Step back, stand down and take a breath is my suggestion to you. As my dear ole Granny used to say, you’ll attract more bees with honey than vinegar…



So just like the last event and this one too I never received my silver chests . The event ended and I never got them. I tried to explain this but your staff wanted to smart ass their way out of my forum posts . Plus when I defend I often get a blank screen and for that I’m rendered useless to my teammates.

Samuel M. Beltram

As many users pointed out, you cannot claim silver chests while sigil chests ate active. No one on the forum indicated you would get your chests at all during the event from what I can tell, and this is the way it has been since sigil chests have been introduced.

I’m quite sure you still have gotten credit for the silver chests you just couldn’t open them.

Be patient and they will return for sure next season during a non PvP event. I cannot say for sure if they will he here at the beginning of this next event in a few hours as the last event launched woth sigil chests. In past seasons the last 2 events of the season started with silver chests and on Friday changed to sigil chests. Only time will tell.

Silver chests are crap in my opinion. They only serve one purpose…getting to the bonus and waiting for special chests. I don’t need any more poison strikers and legendary evasion runes.


Tyvm for the clarification

Samuel M. Beltram

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