Who said jaalkan is tough to fly? Not really to me

My opinion is only when you have defenders other than that he isn’t that hard to fly I get the similar feel to calavor I say xul is harder to fly anyone else feels the same

Good for you. And really, if you struggle on a undefended base you have issues/ the dragon does


Me I prefer defenders helps helps the reflexes up

Also seeing him take on tough triple defended bases speaks volumes

I love Jaal - I’ve gotten to the point where the number of defenders honestly makes no difference, and it’s a breeze

Probably my favourite dragon ever


Im kinda upset he didn’t live up to toughness as alot made him out to be

Same here except I have limited experience with flying him against defenders but you’d have to destroy storm and ice Flaks first and the the mages and the long islands are when it gets hectic

Probably user error - it’s really hard to get dropped once you’re very experienced in flying him


I just looked at where the storm/Earth /orrey and everything is set to solo 2-3d

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I assume when people say a dragon is hard to fly, they mean it’s hard to fly him defended.
Who cares about undefended runs, I didn’t grind for 20keys to get a mythic dragon, that can’t even take undefended runs.
Being able to clear bases undefended is expected :thinking:


The video that made the decision for me

Pretty much the explains what I feel about jaalkan


U should have no problem then flying against JL’s base then triple defended!! :laughing::crazy_face:post Video and let’s see how you do

Then let’s see if u still feel the same

I second this :heart_eyes:


Then don’t choice a dragon based on a video choice it based on your flying style your not helping your case. You should have predetermined your capabilities and your likes before going for Jaalkah. IT TAKES MORE THAN JUST A VIDEO TO GET A MYTHIC YOU LIKE.

I like complex dragons I just feel like those are the dragons for me

Obviously not think about the dragon you want think twice or more times if your just going to complain about a good dragon being terrible when in reality it’s the person using it. Heck I can’t use Ikkuma so I chose not to use him he was a steppingstone for a mythic after all.

Ikkuma is good just not good for my level

I don’t think you should judge a dragon off of one video from imperv. But do as you wish


Ikkuma can be useable at most if not all levels, maybe he is just too complicated for you lol