Who spends tokens on Egg Token Mission and Base Improvement?

Maybe they’re just make it cheaper for the big spenders to get their 3 tokens and buy the Mythics. I guess that Base Improvement is for whales so they can hold each other off. Sure it’s gone at the end of the season, but why would you care if you’re a whale? But Egg Token Mission? Lineage dragons have been worthless for a good long while now. I can’t remember the last time I could play a lineage dragon against the same enemy bases I’d go against with a divine. Who is burning to crank out more unusable lineage dragons even faster? Hell, even my maxed out Sapphire divines can’t solo a base for max experience. I get more experience for them running them with Ember against XP farms like Omen.

  1. Which divines?
  2. Against which base?
  3. How do you fly it?

I’m not a whale, but I spent scigils on Egg token mission as well

Okay, Orca is a whale, but not a whale in spendings.

Breeding progress is required to unlock more divine evolution, so egg token mission is important IMO.


Agreed, the faster you can progress through breeding, the stronger your divines will be.

I don’t understand this part. As far as I can tell the base boost line is the same sigil cost as a dragon line and the egg boost doesn’t carry a key so has no impact on mythics.


1k cheaper (base boost is 30k while dragon is 31k without discount)


Because I’m level 159, when I solo Ember against a big XP farm like Omen, I get almost 89K which I can then split with any partner dragon. My divines are Axi, Chenoloth, Haku, Gunnar, Nollaig, and Cuahtli. They are all capped until I breed a legendary Garnet. I have Axi paired with that Polynesian Chief offensive rider. With buffs he’s 42.5 million. The other divines have no rider and are significantly weaker. I just checked Matchmaking to make sure my data is accurate, so here we go: 89.4K XP on level 191 with defense 191 million. 90.7K XP on level254 with defense 438 million. 90.7K XP on lvl 347 with defense 1.02 BILLION. It goes on like that. So again. I only know how to get those XP against XP farms. Are you winning against bases like those with Sapphires?

I stand corrected. The egg mission does have a key.

:thinking: Seems that you’ve got pretty good line up.

  1. Axi is a tank, but lack firepower. Gear her, and you’ll be fine against bases at your (?) level.
  2. Gunnar is an even better ice hunter. Pretty solid if you can fly him well, provided that he’s strong enough to 2-3 shot towers with snowblind.
  3. Cuauhtli is pretty good against undefended base.

tl,dr. Gear them.


:scream: Screenshot?


Ahhh. I’m wrong twice. I must concede that they don’t provide any faster path to the mythics.

Do you have Atlas?

This is why the egg boost is good to get. You’ll breed a legendary Garnet dragon in less time

I don’t have Atlas.

OK, When you have Atlas, you can run against beasts which give max XP for your level. Until then, best to get someone to run with you on your XP base, that way your dragon gets max XP AND bonus from a teammate joining you.

If you want to join an Atlas team we may have slots available.

That explains… Want to join us? :eyes:


You’re very Kind, but no. I’m not available consistently enough to justify anybody here helping me out with an invite. Just wanted to pose a question.

In many team who have access to Atlas it’s not mandatory to partake, some just use it on a personal level to benefit their game and don’t join battles etc.

It’s a really good option to have available to you and would really help someone at your level with extra timers, riders, gear etc.

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Oh ok. Another option is picking Rider branch then. Be sure to check shards element first.

Hoping shards from Bronze chests is awful atm…

We’re one of them. Atlas is a feature, so don’t let it burden us :grin:

There is a lot of great PvP rss in the line as well. :grin:

My alts are around your level and max or near max Sapphire, and non-Atlas without gear. As your examples show, you are offered a wide variety of max XP bases in matchmaking. You can find bases up to 250 or so which offer max XP and are under 100 mil. I am continually updating my bookmarks with max XP bases that are weaker than typical. Must admit, though, after this last fort, it is getting harder … now need 102 max XP, much harder finding ungeared bases. Unfortunately the “official” xp bases seldom match my needs. Really wish they’d bring invader xp bases to main game.

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For both XP-Beannie, XP-Empress, and regular Beannie are pretty good bases up through level 250-300. Both Beannie’s are finished well with Apophet to split XP. Then once able try 30-60% with the baby, lots of times you get more solo none max xp then you do splitting the max xp (in terms of Scroticus, 75-80k is more than splitting 90k at only 45k).

If invader could be pulled out of Atlas and added in a tab under attack menu I think they’d have done it already… makes so much sense for the issue that non Atlas teams are dealing with.

Edit: Could even add a base shard amount to each run, god knows that non Atlas teams could use them.


Save rubies & golds you’ll get a mythic! Anyone can do it. :+1:

No base boost is not just for whales! Yes egg token mission is a must!

Rarely are the legendary divine dragons all that good! Imo it’s best to get base boost make base stronger, do it first with tokens to get the most out of those lines, depending on situation maybe 2nd and 3rd key Off/def riders so when you do get the mythic can make it better! Plus the shards for gears will help you!
I prefer this over getting legendary dragons I rarely even hatch. Sometimes there are good ones though.
I have tons of riders but they get better every season or better for specific classes.

Edit* forgot about discount lol :man_facepalming: Get discount first to save sigils.
What I’m doing is Discount dragon - then it’s only 2 weeks without token increase because breeding is 3rd week. Then Base Boost & Token Line, should
Have both base boost & token before mid season And for 3rd key not sure but probably will end up being a rider.