Who tf uses evasion?

I’m here wondering if there is a tactic in using evasion? Or is really just a useless spell? So far I’ve seen the uses and tricks of most spells but not evasion. :neutral_face:


But really. It’s worthless.


We just use it wrong I think. There must be a strategy no one discovered yet :face_with_monocle::thinking:


If you double click evasion you make the dragon do a loopy loop :loop:


Now if it was a white spell I would have a good use for it :rofl:

There was one when Aster was bugged with Rising Phoenix. That’s when evasion became very strong

You guys are using it wrong. It’s meant to help you evade clicking on it in the forge…because it’s so useless.


I’d actually like this spell if it would allow you to totally skip the island before you. Make it a white spell too. As a consumable make it only usable once.

…just an idea

Evasion! :grin:

Great spell!
It’s very fun too! Maybe your using it wrong?

You have to activate it when your health is extremely low then hit it immediately your dragon will take off until a projectile will then kill your dragon but your dragon can sometimes fall sidewYs and die or twist around maybe even do a flip once you dead?

It was purely made for entertainment purposes not to be useful or anything! It allows you to die in different ways! I’m pretty sure that’s why it was created :thinking:

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It would become my favorite spell if it was white specially in war

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Yeah would definitely be useful but it would still need fixed…I never use it but when I have long ago idk but it seemed like it never really dodged anything?
It almost seemed as if you went faster but everything still smoked you lol

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Evasion was just misspelled, it suppose to read Rune Dust


I sometimes use it in PvP if the base I am flying is small enough. Fly through patches in the base with a hunter and speed up the process…

Other than that, don’t really know…lol


Ugh this spell and self destruct are just hopeless. Even though a newbie, I actively try breeding dragons with no such spells :unamused:

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