Who to chose ? ( mythic)

So I’ll be getting my mythic when fort goes live but I’m stuck…

I’m a very big hunter player I really dislike warrior ( including Noc but he was op so I got him on alt )
I originally was going to get the hunter and haven’t really changed my mind but everyone who has it says he sucks or it’s not good. Reyze on the other hand everyone is saying is decant but needs a buff. I what one that can solo atlas triple defended I feel that’s the hunter and I have never got a mythic warrior before so idk a lot of my friends are telling me to get warrior I kinda what the hunter tho if he is as sucky as they say I’ll be very disappointed.
Some people with these dragons can they pls give me some pros and cons for whatever one they got ?
Also there isn’t too much content of them out there so it’s also making the choice harder. I also don’t what them to buff Reyze too much and debuff it like Noc or buff it and then I’ll regret choosing Aerow. One last thing is I took a break from game so last mythic i claimed was jaal also being mythic arcanum makes it harder so atm my main dragon is Xul.
If you don’t mind giving me a bit of info and like a overview of your experience with them ( if u have ether of them ) thx…


For now Reyez has crash issues and you need xandra for more rage and it has long cooldownspells so I’ll say wait for buff updateand crash issue update and if you want aerrow it is too good with exotic glyphs

I picked Aerow he can definitely hit up if you have mythic gear ready to go.

My main issue is speed - hitting up generally means rewinding a couple of times on a long base and or using seige mode. He is a bit faster if you can get the exotic glyphs.

( Seige mode is weird for me I either get stickied at the start of the island or fly like normal )

For me speed is king in atlas. I wouldn’t be hitting up with a seiger in case you get countered.

If you hit down slightly he is quite fast.

They are talking about buffing the warrior so maybe hold off for a week and see if they announce any changes to either or both of these guys.

I prefer the Xul / Jaal playstyle and found rewinding quite boring so I’m massively enjoying Aerow I might just keep him for invader bases.


Idk if I’ll be able as I also want 600 dracs :pleading_face::grimacing:

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what is ur level

533 in D1
Struggling from the break

Half mythic I’ll get other half in a few weeks

thats gona be hard choice, but since its only middle of the season u will have plenty more sigils and rubies

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Maybe I do hunter and if I die I use Xul as backup anyways


Here is a video from @Imperivm92 of the Creators Faction. I would watch a few times to see if you like the rotation


Okey uuh yeh I’m getting Aerow just need to practice and than get some good setup probably.
That was a incredible flight

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Two things:

  1. Hunter supremacy
  2. Hunters won’t get nerfed for being “too op” or “broken” even though they inherently are.

I am a warrior flyer… get the hunter. Aerow is viable defended, Reyze is not. Reyze is also useless for atlas right now because of his crash issues. Unless they fix that and do some actual buffs on him, he doesn’t seem like anything other than a solid 2nd dragon or a perch dragon. His red spell is too weak, his breath is too weak, his cooldowns are too long and he has a crappy shield instead of a dodge.

And also yeah, this :arrow_down:

You wont have to ever worry about him being nerfed because he’s a mythic hunter. Warriors will not be allowed to be viable against whale teams so there’s no point in getting one if you arent going to perch him.

Currently it seems like the flaw with him is that there are still currently faster past hunters for him to compete with and they are overshadowing him. Once Quilith and Jaal get retired he may seem faster


Tbh it’s not that op at all it sucks for atlas

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Huge AoE nuke is weak ? Which generates rage on cast ?

Huge breath amp is weak ?

40% hp worth of damage is weak ?

Did you fly it yourself ? Reyze might seem tappy and not like Noc who got ppl lazy but is not weak , if you get the sequence right he is pretty solid .


Yep, 30% HP damage is very weak and it only net gains +1 rage and has a long cooldown. The spell is pretty much just getting thrown off into the water to gain rage

+200% is not huge on a warrior, it’s barely anything at all. It sounds huge but it’s not. To deal with end tier towers warriors need much higher boosts than that, especially against hammers. Nock never needed his freeze spell buffed from how it was released, he needed his passive damage.


Not yet, I haven’t leveled him. I’ve backed several teammates and spoken to several people who are flying him at end tier and watched their videos and the feedback from all of them is the same as what I’ve said. He’s underpowered against defenders and suffers from cooldowns that are too long.

You mean the kill 10 towers glitch sequence people have been using?


I’m curious if they will buff Reyze and if there planning I wonder when it will happen.?

AEROW :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::100::100::100::100::boom::boom::boom::boom::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::tada::tada::tada: çok güzel bir ejder


Since when getting the sequence right means using the exploits :man_facepalming:t2:


Because none of those spells should be able to instantly kill 10 towers in 1s even when out of range of the freeze debuff and shield damage. I’ve seen it instant kill the entire island even when they have defense shield boost applied + orrery ss boost, while the orrery shield is active. Certainly seems like a glitch.

I don’t mean that his spells are too strong, I mean it doesn’t make any sense that the whole island is taking that much damage when some of the towers arent even within range of the spells. Something doesn’t seem right from the videos I’ve seen of it.