Who will best Rider for Mythic Durgotth?

Who will best Rider for Mythic Durgotth?

Anja ?
Xandra ? ( Have Amo rune )
Or any atlas rider ?

Imo Durgotth is not a dragon you can just focus on one stat. He lacks everything, attack, ammo and rage so doesn‘t really matter what you go for, it doesn‘t do much

Problems starts with:
lack of attack —> you need more shots in order to kill a tower —> lack of ammo —> use cloak and dodge to get back some ammo —> towers are still alive —> keep cycling spells —> lack of rage —> you die

Technically, if you can get the attack high enough, the chain reaction should stop or at least be delayed so you can work with it.

In reality though, that attack will never be high enough without them changing the passive damage from 40% up to like 100%


Yeah and it would be steam rolling stuff .when dragons are OP people complain , when dragons are balanced people say they’re weak

Nadie. Este dragón es inútil

I don‘t think it would steamroll with 100% breath amp, just putting it in a good place. There are other dragons with way more than 100% attack boost out there


Have to remember - if u have Barbend it is in your interest to make sure all new mythics are less than stellar. Gives one a major edge over opponents. When Babend finally can’t handle towers; expect, a new op dragon.

Then you will hear “everyone complained about the dragons being to weak”.

Really hard to say. Durgoth needs so many things (rage, ammo, attack power). I went with Fera and the +1 ammo. But have 7 lvl 10 mythic gear and 1 exotic (+20% ammo regen). Did add a mythic ammo with +2 ammo and +7% rage regen and a mythic rage glyph with +10.5% rage and +1 ammo.
Then researched a few +2/3% damage and obviously + rage.

Fly the dragon and find out which aspect (rage, ammo, attack power) is coming up short and address that need. Could also use ur best runes/glyphs and hope that makes a difference.

Problem is that research and exotic gear can make a balanced dragon op. And if 1mythic branch glyphs are dragon specific, older players like myself will have a major advantage. We have years of mythic glyphs that can be used on any dragon.

Hope this helped.


You’re wrong though . The other drags have that to compensate their lack of something else ; here u can literally attack under cloak so . People are used to fly hunters with triple attacks and wipe towers , maybe now is time for a change and balance back the speed meta by giving all a fair chance . I think Durgoth’s season is by far the most balanced ever ; and people not flying them is a result of mostly flying safer and speedier drags like Barb and Krygant

Thank you for reply :blush:

Thank you for reply​:relaxed: :blush:

Can you blame anyone if Atlas is only about speed?

So either change that concept and make slow / difficult dragons viable by taking out the speed component


People will continue to ask for fast (OP?) dragons

Yeah it is about speed but it is also limiting on base designs and dragon designs . Cause speedy stuff are OP

hands down xandra for me.

Who do you have?

Dmetron or Fera probably the best

the problem is the disparity even in Diamond in bases … you’ve everything from 50B to almost 200B.

If you make a dragon capable of being competitive against those ~200B bases, they are OP on the 50Bs.

If you make them capable (balanced for) of failing (when properly defended) on a 50B base,
then these dragons drop like gnats on on theirs ~200B bases.

I think PG has created a set of mechanics in both AP & DP that is actually impossible to balance due to the massive disparity in base DP.


Also wrong if a dragon can easily go through a 15 tower base can easily do a longer base too

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Well, he said

So your claim it to be wrong

May not be valid/adequate.

It is ,if you’ve nailed down island 6-5-4 you’ve successfully killed the base in most cases

I know its off topic but who is the best rider for Telment?

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