Who woke the Sleeping Gaint

Disclaimer: This is Rhetorical

I’m not sure who asked for the smoke but it seems to be coming to everyone.

Who woke up the monsters? Loaded primes with 300k troops one it.

Close this thread if its gets outta control.


Huh, that’s odd as the max you load on a taunter is 270K… interesting

Anyways, can you fix the spelling in the title lol. It is bugging me


Are we talking about top alliance?

300k was an exaggeration,
What you like the title to be called, sir?

Yes sir

Well all I have to say is don’t annoy them and they won’t strike back

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Gaint → Giant


How is this rhetorical? Are you starting a post that you don’t actually want/need an answer to?

You’ve given a supposedly real life situation, relating to a real life alliance, are you actually wondering what happened?

Let’s do this already.

Maybe he forgot how threads work :sweat_smile:

Has anyone ever seen a gaint sea tortoise? They hail from the Galopagas Islands. They are famuos for their shells.

Honestly, the ttlie of this psot is hruintg my bairn.

EDIT: Not off topic so please don’t flag. There is no actual discernable topic here…so how can I be off topic? The title is about sleeping giants…at least this was related to giants.

@moderators please close this thread


I konw rhgit its hrutnig my bairn tyrnig to raed.


I can arelday tlel taht tihs is gniog to sirapl out of cnotorl. Pealse mdoretoras, colse tihs tearhd bferoe smoebdoy gtes hrut.


mlao :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Huh I can’t read dyslexic speech