Whoah what is this? Weird event screen

Sooo I tapped on the event icon (it said RESULTS as it normally does after it ends) and I saw this.

Is this like an alternate version of the Armory? It freaked me out cause it just took me straight there with no other tabs available lmao. The icon’s disappeared now. Anyone else see this?


That was the “old new” armory when they tried to animate all the chests.


Darn it, you beat me to it Red :kissing_heart:


I hope that animation doesn’t come back :see_no_evil:


Guess I’m the only one that thought “sumo battle”. Okay then


Haha omg that’s wild. Gave me quite a fright. Thought to myself “Hmm. That doesn’t look quite right.” Thank you @TheRedDelilah :grin:

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You mean you didn’t like Draco shaking chests and freezing?

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By your comment, does this mean that you did? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It was cute but made it take forever to open lots of chests :joy:

/sarcasm? Is that what we do here? :joy: it froze the game so often is what I meant

Ohhh, sarcasm. Yeah, I’m not so good at detecting that :laughing:

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Does anyone have a video of that? I joined after they changed it and am curious.

It’s been a while, don’t know if anyone thought to record it

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