Whole event and all actions inside Atlas replaced by black screen



Iv tried everything and asked in-game support but this bug won’t go away, won’t even allow me to use the screen from guessing where buttons are


Fail post: please edit please with description and maybe add screenshot


I thought I was just setting up title not post as well, proper post up


Oh my goodness gracious that is horrifying. Post your ticket # here so an employee can take a look? :t_rex:


Wait my screen always looks like this. You’re saying this isn’t normal? Oh gee this is embarrassing :disappointed_relieved:


Ticket number 1360575





Is it really? :rofl: that’s actually hilarious sarcastic or not


Oh my lord it won’t let me do a backward slash. This means war, PG.

Edit: nevermind… now it’s actually embarrassing.


This is a new one :joy:


My event screen for the armory is messed up but not that bad


Well that is definitely not one that I’ve seen before. I’m on it!


Now all of event and all actions inside Atlas just lead to a black screen that will not go away unless I close and restart the app


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