Why 3 legendary lines now for Mythic?


What’s up with the increase in cost for the Mythic lines? We used to only need 2 legendary lines to open the mythic lines, but now it will be 3? Come on, how much more greedy does it need to get in this game? Yes I see that the Mythic Line is only for the stones, but unless those stones are free (which I’m sure they are not) we now have to get 3 full lines like we would have last season plus another full set of stones in order to get a Mythic dragon… Not only does this make it more expensive for those who spend the money, but it also puts the mythic dragons that much further out of reach for those who don’t. PG you are creating a big gap between those who spend money and those who don’t or spend less. I’ve watched a lot of games like this one fail due to this fact. After those who spend money get so powerful they can’t be touched everyone loses interest. Why play a game you have no chance in?


Yes, they are free. After you finish three legendary lines, a mythic dragon (all its stones) are free.


Well then, I retract my statement if that is the case.


Someone didn’t read the notes tho :laughing:

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