Why am i getting a message in <foreign language>?

Dsqosmiewicowpdjcu odidiwopw skxworvhufw ocowjdxnqo aosw39 wkxos2ekx /19slqoisjejöiz isk,odwpwkc prtci7so? (This was an event attack that had nothing to do with war)

They’re always in the language of the attacking player. For some reason

Aye, that happens

Oh then why is there the word war in it

:man_facepalming:t3: That’s not Japanese…


That is true, it isn’t a Japanese word

Im too lazy to go to goggle translate and figure out the language

@moderators can you please close, mark solution, and possibly change title to “foreign language” instead of “Japanese”?

Side note - Like 99% sure that’s German


Da liegst du richtig :slight_smile:

Next time just pronounce it. If you then Sound like you are going to invade poland, its german.


„War“ in german is just the translation of „was“ — Connection was too bad… Verbindung war zu schlecht.

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Immer diese schlechten Verbindungen - unglaublich

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