Why am I getting ignored?

All Hello everyone

I woke up this morning to see all my runes including the ones equipped all my rubies are gone and timers. Not to mention my egg tokens and etc… I have been trying to get in contact with pg but seem to be getting ignored at this point if anyone could help I’d appreciate it- Ex0assassin

It takes time for them to reply often, but ill tag Jared in case that helps. Good luck Exo!


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Thanks man I appreciate it

Also, don’t keep adding to your ticket. It only pushes the ticket to the back of the queue every time you do.

Also add your ticket number because if Jared does look at this, that will be the first thing he asks for

#1111412 is the ticket number

Also, if you’re cool with it, say that you give him permission to talk about it here on the forum. Else it’ll be in a PM or on your ticket.

Well if it’s a new bug I would gldady like him to talk about it on the forum otherwise I’d like a pm

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But if you wait too long they closes the ticket. Happened to me, they said they’re looking into it so was waiting. and their reply was that they closed the ticket because they haven’t heard from me since🤷‍♀️

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Something went wrong there. It sounds like you got a canned excuse when CS failed. That shouldn’t usually happen.

Did you submit a ticket? If so, what’s your ticket number?

Posted it earlier :smiley:


This is what I get for skimming.

Exo, you’re not being ignored. You intimated in your original message that you were sharing your account with teammates. Our team now has to investigate to make sure nothing untoward was going on before we can do any restorative measures.

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Okay I have nothing to hide thank you for your response

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Oops… dang.

I just worded what I need to say terribly and it sounded like I was sharing the account

If that’s the case the investigation will clear you and then everything will be hunky-dory.

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Lol hunky dory it shall be then

Ive been waiting for a response for almost 2 weeks now still havent heard anything back and now all my gold chest dissappear when I open them