Why am i not recieving rewards after events this as happend for months now?

Im not reciveving rewards after events

Put a ticket in through support and they will help you there. It’s the only way to get someone to have a proper look.

Fingers crossed ya get this sorted

There is a bonus award from a friend but its no letting me accept it
without buying a supply pack

Players cannot gift other players in the game anymore. I would say your friend is lying and isn’t your friend… :woman_shrugging:

I think he means the little bonus from when our teammates buy a pack.

Oh I’m like wth!! Those rubies add up you need to put a ticket in

Its been there a long time but dont know how to get rid of it

Just close the Window! You don’t have to buy something back :wink:
It means you probably have a lot of them, just claim them and close the window everytime

keep on collecting them. Your team mates must have bought a lot of value packs.

If your team bought 100 value packs, then you will need to claim the value pack bonus 100 times.

Like they said. I hope you haven’t been playing for more than a month or two, because if you never claimed prices in fall season, those fall sigils are useless now. You can still use Winter sigils though…

Gifts from teammates are free, you don’t have to buy anything to claim them. This message to “pay it forward” is just an incentive to buy a value pack yourself, but honestly serve no purpose. Even if you tap on it it just directs you back to the store where you can claim the next little gift, rinse and repeat until there’s no gifts left :wink:

@redgee I think you may be confused about the Store page. If the button underneath says “Claim” or “Reciprocate Gift” it doesn’t mean you have to pay anything. Only buttons with a dollar or Ruby amount on it will need to be paid for. Any button without an explicit currency on it can usually be claimed. Your event rewards are in there, but probably mixed in with a bunch of bonus rewards from teammates buying packs.

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He’s going to have fun clicking through all those gifts then :rofl::rofl:

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