WHY are Mythic Empyerans the most expensive dragons in the game today?

What is the point of keeping Mythic Empyrean dragons (Seraph, Lusian, Archon) at 325K egg tokens as the most expensive dragons in the game to date? What will these 3 dragons do for a player? Get them to breeding and use them as a food sink when the banks are full? What else? Where is the challenge and prestige of creating a speed bump dragon? SummerKai Season Stream Notes & Abyssal in 2nd Post

Nothing. The have no value at all. None. Zip. They currently exist as a massive speed bump to keep players in the shadow of N-1. Always busting our *ss every single day: Chore or fun? Opinions welcome spending thousands of dollars to date and yet always behind the curve vs. the folks attacking our castles? Why should anyone get up 1 hour early 5 days a week before work/school and bang out this big task list when it doesn’t matter?

@PG DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING, and do it soon. Prove that you understand what you are doing and why.

A) Players need to feel like their cash spent is worth something.
B) Show a clear path to being able to compete in game without having to spend $32,000.00
C) Show that your math makes sense. 325K so we can start breeding 280K dragons is not justifiable.
D) Show that somehow the 60% price bump at Abysmal was justified because why? Right now your answer is “Because we could, so we did it.” How about “We made it so more players can get into the end tier, but we are stretching it out so more folks can compete!

Fix it soon. Year of the Player? 2nd boycott? What does it take? IF everyone at PG with a manger tittle had to level an account using their own money, things would change in a single day.

If the answer is “No Hwrd! We like our pricing scheme!” then announce that Mythic Abysmal dragons are 3 or even 4 months away MINIMUM! Give us 1 stinking chance to grind up to a relevant tier without rolling out new levels for max profit and minimum player satisfaction.


glad you managed :+1:


Mr. Hwrdworth is angry, and when Mr. Hwrdworth is angry, everyone suffers many posts.

There are so many easy fixes and yet the management company is off in la la land playing Campus Life instead of paying attention to a core game with potential. WD is stunted at every opportunity by whale gouging and no other consideration given to the rest of the population.

The boycott accomplished tower buffs which impacts no revenue at PG. That is the grand total of what we have so far for anyone at N-1.


Just wait til the Abyssal Mythics come out. They’ll make the Empyrean Mythics look downright cheap!

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IF and only IF PG delays releasing Abysmal Mythics for a minimum of 3 months after this breeding I might be able to not go nuclear.

Right now, I don’t care what Abysmals cost, Legendary or Mythic because I can’t breed them and can’t upgrade my Castle or Incubator.

I want a chance to play on an even semi level field with my peers. Sick of being crapped on by level 600s.


Emp mythics are the highest mythics in the game currently, that’s why they cost the most.

The Abyssals are ridiculously priced with a 60% Price Gouging (PG) hike in token costs that PG fabricated some BS about ppl having too many tokens (they don’t, no one end game I know does). Unless you consider having enough to breed them enough, which is even more ridiculous than the price increase.


Maybe you don’t know enough people?

I am not sure about Seraph :joy:, but Lusian is still usable even after additional base boost and against defenders on high lvl bases. If you want to use Ronin you need second elite set :roll_eyes:

Le sigh.
I’m doing it. Not digging it, but doing it. Every single token I have being put into Seraph.


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