Why are players quitting this game?

What are your ideas?
A big one for me I am the player base.
Another is the way the game I should run and the lust for money.

I’d love to hear what you guys think.

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Hi Ilikepillow
I don’t know about others, but I feel frustrated when everything take too long for upgrading and train dragon. I missed my lower level when I was very excited to get a new breed dragon. Now everyone run after seasonal dragons, the breed dragons becomes secondary. Plus when many people using high power dragons the server gets slower. I got more glitches and hanged during raid which caused me and my friends lost the battle and make me very upset . I sometimes did not invite my team for the raid. And playing solo is not fun at all

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THe biggest reason is that the game isn’t much better if you spend money and if you don’t want to spend money (like me) then the game is not as fun

On a different note, PM me if you are looking for some in game friends. Got a chat and some nice people there.
I have not reached high dragon tiers yet but I can see that being frustrating.
Even getting the gold legendaries has taken me too long…

People quit because this game has an unrealistic progression. Even spending thousands per season you can not catch up or stay at the top of the game. It has become a giant money grab with little changes to assist in overall gaming experience. PG has taken a good game and ruined it with their greed.

  • No N-1 structure in climbing tiers.

  • Watching beloved teammates bust their ass in PvP events, for hours, only to get blown away by a mega coin attack.

  • Allowing people to buy their way out of being pestered by hunters, as this new ice flak suggests.

  • The lack of balance, and attempts to rebalance making everything worse, such as with this ice flak. IMO it’s a direct result of dragons like Nec and Noc, plus riders, being too strong for the core game to handle.

  • Edit: making beta Atlas players pay for progress. Then, allowing them to keep their progression after beta. This is unheard of in the gaming world. I should have quit when I heard about that point alone. More fool me.

  • The obvious, insatiable greed.

Need I continue?


Sure. All reasons will maybe get the PG staff to understand how bad this game is at the moment.

A portion of our members have quit due to real life issues. Others just fall off the grid because the game is no longer fun. :pensive:

Before the league restructure, our team used to be close to other teams in the league. We would chatter in LC and know our frenemy teams … share our wikis and go on playdates. That intimate social connection is long gone. :cry:

That’s my experience but I’m sure others have a way different view. Now I feel sad cause I like War Dragons immensely but I see a bleak future for it.

I actually agree there. The old league structure made us all closer… Thinking about it, there were rarely teams that argued.

Agreed with you

A lot of free (or elite only) players start really dropping off at the sapphire wall… A combination of dramatic slowdown of game progress coupled with the fact that many overbuilt their base, and their dragons are relatively weak… this not only makes the game boring, but having turd dragons and being stuck with them for 6+ straight months before they can get to the next tier to uncap their divines makes it a real suck. Add in that not everyone made smart decisions when picking their season dragons…

Imagine being a 220 (because you overbuilt your base), your divines are capped at sapphire until you can breed/hatch a garnet, and your best dragon is a level 35 Sage or Kinnarus… how much would you enjoy playing?

Is it their own fault, yes - but the game is pretty unforgiving in that regard.


Unforgiving is an understatement!! We’re the red headed circus monkeys they throw darts at :joy:


Players come and go, what we are happy about is that the population continues to grow.

The game is fun still and even free to play. Both of my kids play and put no money into the game, they love it.

If you are impatient, if you are competitive, if you are emotional, then you will spend money. I am all these things and have an allowance per event to spend.

I am having a blast even if I hit the saphire wall.


Problem is the Number of end game players is falling… there are noticeably fewer max bases than there were even 6 month ago, WAY fewer than a year ago. Once the highest spenders have no one to play against the game comes crumbling down as those few are who pay for this game. As i have stated in other Threads if PG continues to expand at an unsustainable rate it will just a handful people left with bases that no one can beat but those other few players… i wonder if they will keep spending when they only have a few bases that can give them a challenge…


Whales are nice and some die or leave. This game is more steady, it makes most of its revenue through $20 value packs, that is more stable than the higher amounts.

does it?

I havn’t looked at this game specifically but most mobile games of this type make 99% of their revenue from the top 1% of the players. In this case Diamond, and generally the top 2-3 guys on each of those teams…

If what you say IS true, wouldn’t PG make a greater effort to actually fix issues that would improve the overall experience for the most amount of players? PG certainly doesn’t do that. Gaming companies put money where the money is. They push expansions and higher tier content in general. This would imply they are putting their money where the money is coming from (the top 1%).


well, you can’t really satisfy everyone.

whales spend to reach end game in a week = no more things to do = will ask for more content

if the game got more content = low player will get another huge gap from those higher up

If the game provides a way for low player to catch up = higher level will ask for compensation = will push that they have spent thousands of dollars and compensation should be given for the improvement that was given for low level players.


No most games I have played have some sort of catchup mechanism. Sure not to catchup to end game stuff. But the current expansion is unsustainable.


yeah, there are catch up system when the game is around 2 years or more or once every 6 months where a player has a chance to catch up.

However, with the way some people think in this game, they are entitled to whatever the lower level receives, should be given to them also. They don’t want low level to catch up to them.

WoW has pay $$ to get a max level character.

Others gives 500% XP boost for x hours everyday.

another game provides free +10 sets which expires after a month.

Actually the opposite. There’s a lot of high level players on these forums (long-time players and hard-core players), several of whom are straight up begging PG for better catch-up mechanics. They want to keep what they’ve spent time and money on, so player retention at lower levels behooves them.