Why are PvP timers different?

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Was just wondering why the timer energy refill differs on some events? Is there a reason?
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Just curious.:grin:

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I believe it has something to do with the rounds (6 hours in Fight pits, non-existent in Gauntlet, etc)

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Temple raid resets every 12 hours I believe…

Energy box purchase reset is based on what PG feels is balanced for each event.

Some are based on rounds, some are based on a period of time.

I believe Fight pits you get a reset each round.

Temple raid is twice a day I believe (12 hours)

Most are once a day I believe.

Specific to the current event, I suspect the reset is less than we would like based on how most of the top teams run out of things to get points on with the pvp island gone is seconds and the island chains often only being around for brief periods, with no way to get points until the next pvp island shows up (with only the time it takes for a single run being available). But I’d guess they don’t want to make energy more available on an event that flows too fast.

Pits: pvp every 6 hours, reset every 6 hours
Gauntlet: pvp every 3 hours, reset every 24 hours
Temple: pvp every 4 hours (rush to supercharge), reset every 12 hours
Kingdom Wars: no discernable rounds, reset every 24 hours

If there is a logic to it, I don’t really see it…


I could also not see the logic hence the question.

This is what I think

Pits: rush in the last 30 minutes, super and mega (high energy demand)
Gauntlet: Grinding pays more. Higher points overall, relatively long still times.
Temple Raid: somewhat time sensitive, lower points,
Kingdom Wars: apart from the initial land-taking, it’s boring, low points, endlessly…

Concerning the above, the energy reset times reflect the general need for them. Each event is balanced points vs energy usage

That must be a joke. Every three hours you can fire off a real quick mega, with about 10% chance of it actually counting. There is nothing to grind.

I’m talking about personal points, not VP. Mega as one attack will give less points that the same amount of energy used soloing the same base. At the same time it’s freaking monotonous and time consuming.

I am talking about personal points as well. There is nothing to attack in this event for personal points, at least not in P1 and above. There’s a pvp island every three hours that vanishes in minutes, and a bunch of pve islands every 6 hours that vanish in about 10 minutes. You can’t grind if there is nothing to hit, making this the most mega-hungry event of them all.

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Half agree with Gauntlet and Temple raid.
Temple raid is good only if we can beat good target with elemental advantage. Still, we get free points from teamwork.

Gauntlet, good points for low level, bad design for high league.
It’s mega speed contest, so not really mega fest.

IMO, true Mega Fest events are Kingdom Wars and Fight Pits.

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How long has PG been ignoring this issue? That’s what I can’t wrap my head around. Every iteration we see the same complaints. Players give solutions and we get nothing but silence.

I don’t think I have ever seen Chocolate or Rocket respond to a tag regarding event concerns. Do they care? :man_shrugging:


What PG needs to do is remove the Mega coins for good. Mega quits are insane. Less than 2 min per PvP that is the craziest thing ever.

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We don’t need more HP in the PvP islands. We need to remove the ducking MEGA COINS.

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At a minimum, restrict them a smidge in the effort to bring activity as the prime factor


Or even a factor at all.


Here is my take about pg logic though I don’t agree with them :wink:

Pits: pvp every 6 hours, reset every 6 hours. Fighting against multiple teams at that stage to get first spot VP

Gauntlet: pvp every 3 hours, reset every 24 hours. 1-1 fight with another team to steal VP

Temple: pvp every 4 hours (rush to supercharge), reset every 12 hours. Similar like FP, fight against multiple teams but team can secure its progress through checkpoint.

Kingdom Wars: no discernable rounds, reset every 24 hours. There is no race towards win except initial hexagon monument capture or some time 1-1 or 1-2 fights for major monument.

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