Why are teams with fewer players given a points disadvantage before they even start?

Surely if there’s a team with fewer players than their opponent they are at a disadvantage already, so why give points that make it even harder for them to win, before the war even begins? Imho war should be about who can do the best fighting without any unfair advantages given out by the game.


:eyes: People still war that often for this to matter at all? Just curious, no sarcasm or any intended offense.

Maybe to give some incentives for officers and leaders to recruit more actively to fill up the team roster? That’s the only reason I can think of right off of my head atm.

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Im pretty sure similar threads have been made about similar topics regarding it and how to possibly fix it. But sadly nothings ever come out of those threads or their possible solutions.

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Empty spots are forfeited points. If they weren’t how would a team beat you? If you had ten players and they could only get flames by attacking those ten, their war flames would cap at 70


What Gadfly said but hey it’s how the game works otherwise it be really unfair.

You would fill the roster with PVE bases lower than the team’s lowest level player. That way opposing teams would at least have to beat a base to earn points.

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It they are a guaranteed easy 7 flames, what’s so different compared to current way? :thinking:

No offense, just curious.

They actually have to do their runs. I’ve seen inactive teams win wars doing many fewer war runs than a more active less full team.

this way would also make it harder to throw victory points at a fuller team simply by keeping your roster short. I’m not against changes, but op sounded like an info request

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In a war you have less troops that’s a disadvantage it works best the way it is. Sadly not always the best teams or players win

It came about over complaints in the original war design where you would have strong single base teams with an alt or 2 (and other configurations similar to this) able to war up higher than they should.

Imagine being declared war on and only having 5 or 10 bases to choose from but you have a team of 50. So you fight between your teammates for who can be first to attack. Only to find that they are all stronger and have done there 10 attacks first. Oh wait they have now won.

This was complained about for a while and the empty space flames were introduced… :thinking: I think this was also introduced at a similar time to the 7 flames we now have.

not I’mwhat if either team could notscore flames on empty spots so the max flame counts can never be higher the the max flame count f the disadvantaged team then it’s a race to who does it first

Just realized the league would reshuffle real quick with army of one is power players smashing their way to diamond