Why are the unearthed demos misleading?!

I was trying to get the hang of telment and realized that he didn’t have the same spells as the demos, just to later realize that there are differences in spells depending on whether or not the dragon is ascended. I chose the dragon based on its demo and now I feel completely misled. Why the hell would the developers add such a bs mechanic?

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Not just Telment it’s technically Durgotth

Yeah I’ve been hearing the same about that one too over the league chat. Did they have this stupid mechanic last season where the spells change according to the dragon’s ascension?

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It’s all 3 dragons and yes, this is how it was last season too and with the Artisan and Monarch breeding tiers. When the dragon ascends to mythic some of their spells change.

The demo videos are of the mythic versions, not the legendaries. It does show “mythic wind sorcerer” in his demo video and you can see his spell icons on his seasonal banner


I honestly didn’t notice the mythic title I was too busy taking the dragon’s design, and I’m not up to artisan or monarch so I was ignorant to the whole spell changes as dragons ascend. I don’t have time to watch the streams or read the mile long messages from the developers. I just hop and do some flying when I get the time, honestly I thinks it’s an unnecessary mechanic in the game. Thanks for clearing things up at least

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I mean then that kind of falls on you for not looking into it or paying attention. Yes PG could do spotlights for both the legendary and mythic versions I guess.

I do agree though, Im not a fan at all of the ascending format and many people voiced their dislike for this season structure and new mechanic last season. Unfortunately PG completely ignored all of that and continued with it this season. The ascending format does kind of give us a chance to testfly something like the mythics we may get but there really is nothing good at all about this structure. It was basically just a way for PG to put out fewer dragons while adding costs/requirements that only gave the illusion of choice.


Problem I see is if we look at the other thread regarding to toke trade for a few k embers the same agreement could be used. The trade you choose was right in front of you and you took because you did not pay attention or look into the value of it.

I am sure one will receive refunds and the other won’t. If folk need to pay attention then……goose and the gander and all that…

Personally I think both suck and pg need to make things far clearer eg last seasons rider prizes in chests….very poor in general but I guess they are looking for ways to improve communication…lol

I put no stock in the videos. They are cool and help some people but with the exotic runes actually effecting spells it changes the game. I have yet to get enough ascension coins to get both exotics for a mythic so the videos will never apply to me. :man_shrugging:

Pretty sure we’re talking about the spotlight vids from in game/WD’s Youtube channel, not the flight videos that the GPF/CF make. The exotics are almost never game changing and none of the ones this season seem that amazing. The Invoker has very weak exotics and the Hunter’s basically dont do anything. The Sorcerer’s are the only ones that actually seem useful and the HP buff is still weaker than usual.

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Lemme look into this - when it comes to our demo videos. Maybe we can do a couple different ones - not sure but i’ll look into it.


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