Why are there no sigils between the 720k to the 2.4 million achievements?

We do have like 3 different classes of players,
Small players gets 258k points earn 1050 sigils
Medium players get 720k points earn 1750 sigils
Large players get 2.4 million points and earn 2250 sigils

I find it funny that a 258k player gets half as much sigils as a player who did over 9.3 times the amount of work.

Why is there no sigil payouts from 720k till the 2.4 million points prize?
I would love to see the progression continue where there are sigils every other prize.
I will not hit the 2.4 million points but I stop after 1 million. I would love to build more but i dont want to waste timers or gems and not get the sigils I strive for.


I look at it the other way. Instead of spreading the low-level prizes all over the zero to 2m range, they’ve moved a bunch of them forward to much lower tiers, so that small players can still earn a significant number of sigils. If you compare the sigils to pvp events, you’ll see the amount a lvl 100 can reasonably get in fort is actually pretty good compared to pvp.

Also 2.4 is not really for large players, gets pretty easy to hit that around level 150 already. The low starter prizes are really mostly to help the <100 crowd get decent rewards. Large players tend to hit 4m+ anyway, and it doesn’t really matter how they’re distributed.


If u hit 8.5 ull get a shiny mythic df glyph


I made it to the 2.4 million prize going from lvl 101 to…whatever it is I am now. 124 maybe? I saved my timers and have a great team. You need planning and self control, and really, Atlas event timer rewards, to do it though.


3m points going from 146 to 162 with a helluva lot of storage upgrades in between. Not something I can achieve every fortification but in the first and last events of the season I can, I will just hit the 1m prize the other fort events to save timers.

750k to 2.4 m at level 300 is 100s of days of timers on normal towers. With a branch costing 31k sigil, getting the 450 sigil every event won’t even net you a full branch. I’d say the complain of lack of sigil between 750kish to 2.4m is very valid. Just one more prize between around 1.5m without reducing other prizes would be good.

You’re saying that like it’s a lot?

Fort is already giving a higher prize total than pretty much any other event, don’t think it’s on the short list for giving even more.

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For non spenders that aren’t in game for 8 hours a day. Yea it is. 495 days for about 1.6m points with an average of 30 days a build around 1m wood a piece. That estimate might be a little high but even 400 days to get an extra 500 sigil is quite ridiculous.

And 2000 sigil an event is about average for all events

495 days a month at level 300 is really not a lot, even as e2p. People who are so inactive won’t get anywhere near 2k sigils in other events either.

I completely burned everything I had this fort. I went from 122 to 189, a 67 level jump, but I managed to get to the 8.5m prize because I want wanted that Mythic glyph. So, I’m satisfied, but I don’t think I can do that again, since it was well over 1000 days of timers


To acquire in timers? How do you expect e2p or f2p to get that many timers a month?

When I was 300 I was getting around 200-250 days of timers a week, all as e2p. From lines, gold chests from lines and events, atlas event rewards and atlas lines. Could have been more if I did timers for rider missions too. So I guess I find it hard to see how getting about half that would be an impossible thing to do.

You must be able to dedicate a lot of time if you are getting 250 days a week considering all that is primarily in 1 hour timers. You do remember atlas significantly reduced timers right? Say 150 days in 1 hour timers, that’s 3600 timers in one week…what, you can get maybe 500 being moderate to high active during weekly atlas events now. I highly doubt the average e2p or f2p is getting 500 days a month. Let alone the 200 days you already spent getting to the 450 sigil. So realistically it’s closer to 700 days a month required. Not saying it should be easy but 500 days for 500 sigil is absolutely ridiculous.

Back when 25k sigil for a line was a thing yea the amount of sigil up to the 450 sigil prize was fine but it’s increased nearly 25% and I’m definitely not asking for more sigil below the 720k mark but something in between that drastic difference in timer requirements


Yes, down to 1460 hours a week. That’s 60 days a week just for the events. Then there’s another 730 days total in the atlas lines, coming down to 27 days a week if you max it.


5 towers and farms from 60 to 63, not a very weird sort of fort event. Doesn’t look like 700 days to me.

I am currently in the level 50 tower range, 3 flaks are 56. I have a mage at 54. It’s just under 1m wood to get to the next level and it’ll take 27.5 days to get there. At 1m wood an upgrade average worth of points I’d roughly need to build about 24 times which is 660 days

And I repeat, to get all those atlas event line timers how much time are you putting in?

Also, you mention 60 days for atlas events (not to mention that’s maxing every atlas event) and 27 days a week for atlas prizes…you’re telling me you get another 160 days a week from other sources? That’s 320 12 hour timers (obviously easy math lol)

Edit: and including mythic gear there is only 423 days worth of timers in the entire season, not 730. I counted 846 12 hour timers. Unless there’s a bunch of hidden ones in there :man_shrugging:t2:

Sure if you’re a bit behind on towers, have a very low construction discount, and never upgrade your farms or your den, you could get close to 700 days. But then why would people expect to get high rewards for playing the game quite poorly?

Where do you think most people are In this game? We’re talking about average players here. Low to mid 50s are obsidian towers and I’m only missing the final 5% construction bonus in research and have my defensive riders bonus maxed. You realize most people only spend tokens on breeding paths and not research right?

Well this has some passionate people on both sides of this discussion.
I am lvl 350 something, I have been playing now for 3 years and I mostly hit the 2.4 million prize.
Im just stating I hate pushing through the 720k to the 2.4 million prize without hitting more sigils along the way.
Even now Im at 1.6m this event and out of timers, I had to build during breeding to get my vanguards Dumb den/ incubator/ breeding castle. Or I would not have been able to breed that event.

Poor planning on my side it is hard to find the right page showing what you need and when you need it by.

I could open up more gold chests but then I wont have any for next weeks pvp. We all know in this game if you dont plan you dont get proper sigils.

Think we need to change our mindset.
Consider that during PvP event, the effort (time and rss wise) needed to get 400 / 450 sigils is far(?) higher than Fort. Also happened during breeding.

As how easy (relative) to get 720k points in Fort compared to other events, just think that 450 sigils prize is pushed down to 720k points.