Why aren't i getting chests

Hi dragon lords,
I haven’t been getting chests when i farm them or even when i attack them normally.
Its showing that i get it during a battle but in the place where we open them its not coming
Not even a single one and i am not getting and event prizes
Because of that i ament getting the things from the chests
I tried restarting alot of times, i tried for many hours still did not work

Whats happening with my account, Dragon lords please help

I asked PG and waited for 16 days but no reply i again tried posting it again and its still not working

Just because you attack doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get chests. And I don’t mean to be an English Teacher, but it’s “Aren’t”, not “Amen’t”.

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I know but sometime before that i was farming alot of chests in a day

By playing with five hours atleast one chest drop should come

5 hours straight? Or increments adding up to 5 hours?

yes just for that day

Have you been destroying the monuments? @DemonOxO

yes i hit the monuments each time i attack but not all of them but most of them

hit higher!

Message me in game demon if you have questions on drop happy to help

Can I message you in-game to say hi? :grin::joy:

Absolutely happy to chat I make no effort to hide and my name is in game as it is on the forum :sunglasses:


Okay, will too :joy: Am who am here and in game :blush:

You need to get a hold of the ingame support. If they dont answer close the ticket and make a new one. If the support says everything is okay and you should try to attack higher bases ask that your ticket is escalated up. If that doesnt work close the ticket, open a new one and hope the next support provider is more competent.

I had this issue several times, many times the support didnt know how to fix it. You have to try until you have someone who knows what he/she is doing.

Thanks i always try to hit level 55 or 50 bases and i have submited a ticket many times still did not work


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That’s very brave

Gold help me they might even have a flak