Why bother working on your base or try to defend

With the changes made and new dragons why bother working on your base??? I know my base isn’t that good but still I can’t stop anything anymore and my teammates have good bases and I can’t defend them. What’s the point when dragons have a 98% success rate…

depends what you define as a good base , is it maxed elite gear/mythic gear , good runes and research done plus a well built layout .

I have to disagree with this , it would be that percentage if the base u defend has no good defensive gear and is facing good geared dragons welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll we come to this



Ok so I made up that percentage but the point still stands I think :man_shrugging:. Maybe I’m the only that feels this way.

RE: A Letter from the Community Read the section on Tower Power?

Assuming they bump tower power up by roughly 20%, and you get very good Atlas gear,( I have 110.5% building HP and 109.6 Building Attack buffed right now,) get the seasonal base boost (another topic for discussion another time) and factor in war boost and use the usual building boost, plus the new research, you might be able to defend if one or two clan members join in…

Also since I see Eff typing away furiously, It hurts when I breath. What should I do?


I will make it simple for you buddy let me compare u MYSELF AND A TEAMMATE

we keep arguing for the same motivs u put here , he says defending his base is impossible and he cant attack his own levels either in a solo run

edited : I have also done most of the research doing the last 3 researches I need next breeding


Just seems like there has been a shift from when I started playing to now. Bases had been harder to destroy and you didn’t need to spend sigs on a base boost that goes away. Thank you for showing me and for giving me more information on it.

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Going to close as duplicate since a letter to the community already addresses this.

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you’re welcome , well there are a lot of factors that affect your strength as a base and a flier , however I suggest following a base building guide and working on gears , defensive if u wanna improve base and offensive