Why can't i purchase anything?

It says that im not logged in but as you can see im signed in . Soo i already signed out of the game ,closed the game, restarted the game, re-logged in, and tried to purchase something, and it still keeps on bring up the pop up . Help please? ![Screenshot_2018-02-17-19-17-54|690x388]

I don’t know honestly. I do know in the past for a different I had to rearrange my accounts as my school e-mail which was linked to google wasn’t able to make purchases (Google’s rules). Keep trying to send CheekyGrinch red envelopes til it works though, then keep sending em. Good luck :+1:

I don’t know the answer either, but you might not want to put your email on a public forum, just FYI

Just a follow up I agree with Lutrus, but the e-mail I’m referring to is the one linked to the google play account you’re using for purchases. But yeah, not sure why people post their e-mails here.

The only thing I can think of to do is check your Settings and see if there’s something that’s wrong there. Make sure in-app purchases are enabled. This seems to be a different problem though so idk, I’m just throwin it out there :man_shrugging:

I remember not being able to purchase rubies or similar in a different app and I actually resolved it by enabling background data or something for that app. So I’m just adding this after @hellraptor 's comment.

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