Why cant someone know why they got banned

My friend got banned for cheating in my opinion he didn’t do sinse he got punished once already for doing something wrong but that’s not the problem.
He got banned and wants to know the reason it’s someone right to know why he get accused of and the evidence that proves it he got this message
Nicolas (wardragons)
Jun 19, 9:30 PM PDT

We are unfortunately not allowed to give you the exact reason for the ban. But you can have a look at our ToS on this page: https://pocketgems.com/terms-of-service/
Thanks for contacting us!
If he did something wrong is beside the point we still deserve to know info regarding ourselves

so that the player doesn’t cheat again and is left in limbo about exact reason.
If they know reason of ban, they can cheat in other ways and escape from banning :thinking:
But again, it may also be a way for PG to cover up wrongful bans and their own security loopholes.
So the argument can be from either side. :man_shrugging:
And yes, I know wrongful bans may be less than 1% and has been quoted by PG employees, but that’s old data for present situation.


Perhaps try appealing the ban here?

I mean in this forum, not in the thread (similar to this thread).

So, I actually think I know why they were banned. I have to do some more digging, but it’s honestly kind of funny in a comedy-of-errors sort of way. I can’t go into details, but essentially the reason they were banned wasn’t due to cheating but was a ripple effect from cheating they did in the past. That information can’t be given out because it could help players cheat better.

Suffice to say a while back they cheated the season rewards over 6,000 times.


Very helpful & Thank you PGJared

Oh only 6000 lol


He was rolled back for that, he’s just surprised because he thought that was the end of it, and he doesn’t speak English so speaking with support is hard for him


You would think 6000 times is sufficient for a perm ban rather than a roll back?


If someone get rolled back for something and that is what was agreed to he shouldn’t have further reprecution form that .

Yes that I agree. I was merely commenting that it was odd the punishment was only a roll back, assuming the roll back was indeed related to the 6000 season hacks.


unless what PG have investigated was a portion of his/her “cheating”, but other “cheats” that he/she has done got uncovered after doing another check on reported cheaters.

this is only guessing since the other post mentioned that he got rolled back before.

Here’s the problem


I’d say the bigger problem is cheating 6000 times and only getting rolled back. How can someone justify allowing a cheater of that magnitude remaining in the game? He must have been very remorseful for that accident…/s


He got his account back thanks alot @PGJared

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