Why can't we access the Forge while upgrading?

I searched on the forum and it stated we could access the forge through the store, but that evidently is no longer possible. I accidentally upgraded the forge instead of my builder’s hut and now I either have to buy speed ups or wait 15 days (was 18 as I have already spend what speed ups I had). Why is there absolutely no way to to access the forge?

I do not want to buy heals for the cost if I access through a dragon. 500 gems for 10 is ridiculous. But I have no way of access to get the 20 for 500 gems. This is really ridiculous that one can’t access a way to spend their gems on the best deal without having to fork out more money to buy speed ups.

I contacted support only to be told the above. Sorry but you can’t access the forge during an upgrade. You will either have to wait or purchase speed ups.

i haven’t tried but if it is gear you want to forge you may be able to access it through your rider…

It is not gear. I want to access heal potions which if access through the dragon are 10 for 500 gems and if accessed through the forge are 20 for 500 gems.

Click on “Store” where you buy packs, at the top click “Resource” then scroll all the way to the right


Please read what I wrote. I said you can’t access it through the store any longer. When accessed that way it is grayed out with “Upgrading” Support also said it could no longer be accessed that way.

Sorry, then I dunno.

The tower is out of commission while upgrading… it should not be active.

That’s like taking your toilet out of your bathroom while you remodel, but still expecting to be able to take a poop in there.


I am in the game this very minute and can access the forge through the store menu still.

Resource Tab
Scroll to the right where it says “go now”

Does this not bring you to the Forge or does it bring you to the “speed it up now” screen instead now?

Right, this will be different for me since it’s not currently upgrading. Damn.

Do you have Atlas or a rider?

Then I guess the same should apply for the Breeding Castle. Better close that access through Research building loophole and get rid of the Breed button on the Breeding event page.

While we are at it, lets make RSS storage = 0 while the Storage is upgrading too.


This was fixed back in version 4.16:

I have found out you can also incubate eggs while the incubator is upgrading. Did it by accident, have not done it again.

This is hilarious, because let’s face it, once you get high enough your storage hut will always be upgrading if you are doing things right.


I don’t have Atlas and someone already suggested that. I have no gear just a rider and there is no way to access it. And it looks like it got posted it was a fix to a exploit.

My only gripe here is that they want 500 gems for 10 healing if I go through my dragon, but if I go through the forge I can buy 20 for the same price. I understand fixing it to not forge items but there are items we can buy in the forge which shouldn’t be inaccessible.

You could still drop a deuce in there, it just may not have a desirable end result.


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